How to manage everything and not waste time?

How to manage everything and not waste time?

Very often people complain about the lack of time and the fact that they spin like a squirrel in a wheel, and still do not have time. The reason for this may be a lack of self-discipline, the wrong organization of their work and various distractions. How to stop wasting time in vain and manage to do all the work? To do this, just follow a few simple rules.

First, try to sleep less

A dream that lasts more than 7-8 hours is a waste of time. There are people who sleep 6 hours a day and feel great. It all depends on the habit, the regimen and the characteristics of the body. Determine for yourself a minimum of sleep, which you need for normal life and try not to sleep longer than the time you specified.

Exactly plan your day

Write it down literally by minute and try to do everything to ensure that what you plan to start at 5 pm and end at 7 pm, that’s how it started and ended. If earlier – good, later – no.

When planning your day, put yourself in a rigid frame

Do not let yourself relax. If you are appointing a meeting, arrange to meet in the morning, to definitely get up early and succumb to the temptation to sleep a couple of extra hours. For each case, allocate yourself the minimum period of time necessary for the quality performance of this work. So you will not have the opportunity to succumb to laziness, pobezdelnichat and you will have time all twice as fast.

Do not waste time on the Internet

Try as little as possible to stay in social networks and deal with aimless wandering on the Internet. Limit yourself only to checking for new messages and responding to them. Visit the Internet only a few times a day at a certain time. If you need to find any information, but it’s not very urgent, then write it down and put it off for the evening. In the evening, look at everything that you recorded during the day, and surf the Internet.

Spend every minute of your time with benefit

For example, if you use public transport, then the trip can be occupied by reading a book, checking mail, planning a day or talking on the phone.

Fix all information

Write down in one place all the important cases, reminders, addresses and telephones that you may need. Write it down so that you do not waste time trying to remember or find information that was once too lazy to fix.

Avoid the TV

It often happens that a person, doing household chores or going somewhere, suddenly hangs at the TV, seeing something interesting. For a minute, carried away by an interesting scene from the series, you yourself will not notice how to lose a bunch of valuable time, which you will later regret.

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