How to make the right impression on the first date

How to make the right impression on the first date

The impression made on the first date is very important. And we all know this very well. Not for nothing that people say “meet by the clothes …” In this context, of course, this phrase should be understood a little wider, but the meaning of this does not change.

Every day hundreds of women ask myself the question “How do you like a man?”. Yes, it is in this formulation. Its essence is not to understand how to seduce any man – the meaning is just how to make it so that he wants to seduce you. But then – everything is already in our hands, there we are free to decide “whether or not it is necessary”, “we want or do not want.”

To drive men crazy is a kind of art, but first of all it’s love. Love, above all to yourself, because how can someone love you if you yourself despise yourself? You have to believe in yourself, know about your beauty and attractiveness, then others will see you as you see yourself.

Yes, we are all not perfect. But an intelligent woman will not push out shortcomings – she will proudly demonstrate her dignity. Yes, and the shortcomings, these are often thought out, but in fact the problem is not worth a damn and eggs. Only a sober look and an impartial “verdict” are needed.

A self-confident, loving woman is simply doomed to success, her feet fall down, and the cavaliers will fall. Already on the first date a man sees exactly what we allow him to see. Thus, both victory and defeat on the “love front” – this is our own pens business.

Thinking of a potential fan as a fortress to be conquered, we involuntarily look like predators in their eyes, and they, in that case, feel like some kind of a cornered rabbit. It is clear that this role does not appeal to them at all.

Thinking about how to seduce a man, we are distracted from what is really important – from the very acquaintance. Concentrating on whether our breasts are “beautiful” now and whether we are holding the glass correctly, we are distracted from the conversation itself. The man understands that we are flying somewhere in the clouds and begins to think that he is such a boring and uninteresting interlocutor, and this, of course, will lead to nothing good.

So what is the result? Girls, first of all, value yourself and your chevalier, and give a chance to develop relationships. Believe me, on the first date to evaluate everything at once is impossible, and from the effort to show and tell about yourself everything and once a man will just begin a migraine, and this is not very romantic.

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