How to make a plan for a diet that is right for you? Answer 10 questions

How to make a plan for a diet that is right for you? Answer 10 questions

In order to succeed in losing weight, you must first prepare a good healthy diet plan. And to create a plan that really works, you need to learn the basics of a healthy diet, in particular a diet for weight loss. Below you will find a list of questions, answering which, you can better plan your new healthy diet. Do not let your diet for losing weight harm you.

Here is an interesting post of a woman on the forum about diets. She asked other people to get acquainted with her diet. Here’s what her post looked like:

“I want to lose weight, to be healthy and fit. And that’s how I’m going to do it. I will start with 10 days of drinking one water: it’s easier for me to eat nothing at all, and this gives better results in a shorter time. After that, I’ll start eating protein foods, and in general I’ll try to eat right. (I know 5 kinds of healthy food.) After that I’ll start to fast every month for a short period of time (5-10 days) and try not to crouch on cakes and sweets. Oh, and I will also try to do the exercises, although when I do them, I really want sweets, so I’m not sure that this is a good idea. Do you think my healthy diet will work? “

Unfortunately, this woman is not the only one who comes up with such aggressive diet plans. But, at least, she found the time to create a fast, and in fact some of us are in a hurry to “completely change the way of life” without any preparation, even not knowing what they are doing.

Please do not repeat this woman’s mistake, and do not assume that you can become healthy as a result of several months of starvation. That will not happen! Depending on your overall physical condition, current form and lifestyle, it can take from one to five years.

Of course, this considerable period may discourage you, but do not be discouraged: if you manage to lose weight, it will take much less time. However, in order to get used to healthy habits, start to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle and make healthy food your second nature, time will still need a lot. And yet it is possible.

What you really need is a clear healthy diet plan. And it should be more detailed than described above. “I will try to eat healthy food” – this concept is definitely too broad.

In addition, before introducing a new diet plan into your life, make sure that you know what you are doing – aggressive diets and starvation can be very dangerous.

10 useful questions about healthy eating

Here is a list of questions that you should answer when creating a plan for your new healthy diet:

1. When should I start a diet?

Note. Choosing the right time and day is vital for your success. Each of the days has its own special energy – while one is great for new beginnings, the other will only hinder you and will prevent you from continuing your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Use the lunar calendar to help you choose the right day.

2. Is it worth it to start dieting alone, or is it better to enlist the support of a like-minded person?

Note. Experience shows that it is better to go on a diet alone. The beginning is always given hard, it takes some time to gain confidence and master the basic skills of what you are doing. Until you start to notice significant results, you can easily get distracted from the goal and throw everything. And who knows when you decide to start over? So start alone, “build a good foundation,” and then help others change their life.

3. What kind of food do you eat?

Note. This is one of the main questions, so do not rush to answer it. Think about what you like and what does not. Make a list of all healthy foods that you know, and choose from them those that you like.

4. How healthy are your diet and lifestyle now?

Note. For example, you often eat fast food or smoke. Of course, you should try to eliminate unpleasant habits, but do not rush. If you hurry to introduce too many radical changes into your new healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to fail.

Do it gradually: if you eat fast food every day, reduce it to 3 times a week and stick to this schedule for a month; Then eat fast food 2 times a week and so on. Remember – the key is to enjoy what you are doing. Slow positive changes will encourage you to move on!

5. What meal schedule is better to follow?

Note. Perhaps you decide to eat standard – three times a day. Or, maybe it’s more convenient for you to have 5 small meals a day. Or 2 large. Try to choose the frequency, which is right for you and meets your conditions of life. For example, it fits perfectly into your work schedule.

6. Will you be doing physical exercises?

Note. Of course, you must be active, but you do not need to set yourself too unrealistic goals. While some people really enjoy the stay at the gym, others feel it is too much work.

If you are one of the last, consider easier options – you do not need to perform cardio exercises for seven days a week. To begin with, twenty minutes’ walk will be enough. Or maybe you should try yoga? Once acquainted with yoga, many soon can not live a day without it, because it is useful not only for the body, but for the mind. Yoga perfectly complements a healthy lifestyle.

Do you need to lose weight?

If so, it is especially important to start lifestyle changes with a good healthy diet. Do not forget to set realistic goals. Ideally, you should lose about 450 grams of weight per week. If you lose weight too quickly, then you risk losing muscle and fat, which protects your internal organs, and not an excess of adipose tissue on the abdomen or thighs.

8. What diet for weight loss to choose?

Note. Someone once said that if the diets were working, there would not be so many. So, if you need to lose about 10-12 kg, do not even bother sitting on a diet. If you manage to learn healthy eating habits, you will lose weight in the shortest time. However, if you have more than 30 kg of excess weight, you must choose a good healthy diet for weight loss, but not the one where you need to starve yourself to death.

9. What else needs to change in life, except food?

Note. Think about what makes you happy and what does not. The feeling of satisfaction and pleasure is very important for your health.

10. How long should you follow your healthy diet?

This question really should not be on the list. He is here only so that you understand that changes concerning your health should not be temporary – they must be for life!

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