How to make a child alone

How to make a child alone

So, you decided to do it. Excellent! Now you need to take several important steps: choose the right doctor, conduct all the necessary tests, order a queue in the sperm bank. If you are healthy, do not suffer from problems with infertility, then the process will not be so complicated. But how do you know that the donor really is, the way you want your child to be? What if I find a problem and need more serious preparation of the body? I’ll try to answer all the questions.

Doctor. To begin the process, you need a doctor who will lead before delivery. You can apply to female medical centers for infertility or consult a sperm bank about a doctor. He will send for a comprehensive examination of the body, you will have to pass a lot of tests to make sure that you can bear a healthy child. If you previously had problems with gynecology or abortion, it is likely that ovarian adhesions have formed that will not allow you to become pregnant, will have to be treated and only then return to the issue of artificial insemination. If the tests show that you are all right, go to the next item – the choice of institution.

Where to go? This, of course, is a matter of budget. You can do this in a public hospital (preferably in a hospital where the number of doctors is less) or in private (there, of course, more expensive). In a private hospital, higher confidentiality, more frequent checks, a more pleasant atmosphere and attitude.

Tests. It is necessary to take various tests, hormones, hepatitis, toxoplasma, syphilis, AIDS. It is also desirable to do genetic tests (related to your ancestry) in order to select the most compatible donor. It is compulsory to check the blood group in order to avoid even minimal risks during fertilization and pregnancy.

Chest check. Pregnancy brings a change in the structure of the breast, so it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination before the beginning of the process. So, if during pregnancy, there are seals, they will be easier to attribute to hormonal changes and avoid stress and unnecessary tests.

The sperm bank. After all the checks you will be offered a donor that best suits your wishes: height, weight, ethnic parameters and much more. The donor is anonymous, although there is an option to identify the donor when the child reaches the age of 18 and with the consent of the donor himself.

Well, then the doctors start to do it – they conduct daily (preferably) monitoring, and during ovulation, they carry out fertilization. In case of failures, repetition occurs in the intervals of 3-6 cycles.

In the end, almost all become pregnant. This pregnancy is no different from the usual, the same risks and observation as in the usual conception. But, most importantly, you’re going to become a mother!

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