How to maintain beauty during pregnancy

Waiting for a child is one of the most enjoyable moments in the life of every woman. Pregnancy is a very important period in life. The future mother should take care not only of the full development of the baby, but also not forget about their own health and beauty.

Speaking about the beauty of the female body during pregnancy, I would like to note the need to choose the right approach in supporting attractiveness. You can not allow that because of Mom’s desire to remain beautiful, the future baby suffered. And this means that some habits still have to be abandoned, some nuances should be paid more attention.

Skin on the face

The skin of the face at this time can become covered with blackheads and pigment spots. To eliminate such defects, the expectant mother should choose the most natural cosmetics. It should be noted that even the favorite cream can cause an allergic reaction. It is better to buy skin care products in a pharmacy. You can use folk remedies without fanaticism, for example, rub your face with lemon juice or cucumber juice in the morning and evening.

Skin Body

During pregnancy, with hormonal changes in the body, the skin of the body also suffers. The most unprotected places are the chest, abdomen, thighs. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin of the breast, you can use unrefined olive oil or jojoba oil. Thus, the loss of moisture is compensated and the tone of the skin increases. To saturate the body with all the necessary substances, you can use the mummy. You should take two tablets mummies, grind them and dilute in two teaspoons of water. Such a composition is applied to the body to feed and create an optimal environment for regeneration. It is aged for several hours, and then washed off with cool water. An aqueous infusion of propolis is an alternative.

Hair care

There is reason to rejoice. The quality of hair and nails during pregnancy can be improved by increasing the level of estrogen. Naturally, the period of pregnancy is not the best time for coloring hair and curling. Hair care is very simple. It is best to use neutral shampoo and rinse hair with plain water with the addition of lemon juice for light hair or vinegar for dark ones. In one liter of water, a tablespoon of lemon or vinegar juice is added. This composition rinses the hair after washing. Once a week, you can apply moisturizing and nourishing masks based on egg yolk.

Feet care

The period of pregnancy is the time when the legs experience increased stress. They can swell and hurt. To prevent such trouble, you can use apple cider vinegar. One glass of water should be taken one tablespoon of vinegar. Wipe your feet with this compound is necessary in the morning and evening. Apple cider vinegar helps to relax the muscles and brings a feeling of lightness. To prevent dryness and cracks, it is very good to lubricate the feet with castor oil. Of course, do not forget about hygiene. Before all manipulations, the feet are washed with warm water and soap. To avoid swelling, a contrast shower is taken and a light massage is done.

At such trouble, as excessive sweating will approach herbal trays. For such a bath is used decoction of the bark of oak and chamomile. Herbs are taken in equal proportions, usually one tablespoon per liter of water. In boiling water, the herbal collection is filled, cooked for five minutes and cooled. A foot bath with such a herbal decoction is very useful and perfectly helps to cope with the problems of increased sweating. Sea salt is another option to deal with such a nuisance. One tablespoon of salt is added to one liter of cool water. The bath is taken within fifteen minutes. Usually ten such procedures, taken every other day, are enough to feel a positive effect.

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