How to love yourself and your body?

How to love yourself and your body?

When watching music video clips, movies and glossy magazines, where we are smiling long-legged and handsome people, there is a feeling of insecurity. This feeling develops, accumulates and is followed by low self-esteem and isolation.

“My body is not perfect …” – how often do girls get such an idea? We create an idol for ourselves. You like this or that Pop diva, and you think it’s perfect, and you want to be like her, have the same skin and figure as hers. What for? You are uniqueness, no matter what your figure is. Why be someone’s copy?

A feeling of insecurity can arise from the lack of a partner – and in your head the same thoughts “I do not like anyone”, “who I need”, “I’m plump,” “I’m short”. You just can not like everyone in a row! Necessarily there will be that person who will grow fond of that wrinkle hated on you on a forehead, or a small hump on a nose, your magnificent forms or thinness.

To please others, you must first like yourself. Try to look at yourself through the eyes of others. Do not pretend to be someone, or hide your true face – be natural, and you will find the company to your liking. Smile, talk and laugh – as you can, without thinking through your head – how you will look in this case.

If you think that you have some drawbacks in the figure – then they can be hidden in competently matched clothes or shoes. The facial features can adjust haircut, hair color and proper make-up. The right manicure can make your hands and fingers thinner and longer.

If you think to change yourself, start with your thoughts. Try auto-training.

Autotraining is self-hypnosis. Every day, standing in front of the mirror, examine yourself from head to foot and repeat – “I’m the most beautiful! I’m special, like I’m no more! “. And after a while you will notice the confidence in yourself and your strengths.

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