How to lose weight without diet and harm to health

To meet a woman who at least once in her life was not on a diet is not easy. Most of the beautiful ladies are constantly fighting with extra pounds, and there can be as many as twenty or just two. To achieve the cherished goal, girls resort to various diets, but few can survive until the end. Those who survive the whole cycle often gain weight after the completion of the hunger strike.

Why is this happening? Is there really no way to lose weight once and for all? Let’s try to understand.

A diet that is guaranteed to result in a result

Specialists in weight correction argue that the only diet that will allow you to lose weight and keep the parameters you have reached is a rational diet. In no case do you need to go to extremes and significantly cut calorie content. The complete exclusion of food from fats or carbohydrates, which occurs when certain diets are observed, will lead to health problems and deterioration of appearance. The lack of vitamins and minerals will also have a significant impact on well-being.

In addition, scientists have proven that repeated attempts to go on a diet will necessarily lead to an increase in the weight of 95% of “slimming” after a certain period of time.

A long-term result can be obtained only by abandoning harmful food addictions and by adjusting the diet in favor of useful products. Only a diet that a person is ready to observe all his life will help lose weight and not recruit him again.

Useful eating habits

Having decided once and for all to change the principles of nutrition in order to lose weight and maintain health, it is advisable to adopt the following eating habits:

1. Do not starve.

2. Eat small meals in small portions.

3. Do not neglect breakfast, which helps to start metabolism.

4. Dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime.

5. Exclude from the diet flavor enhancers, mayonnaise, harmful snacks, sweet soda water.

6. From sweets give preference to bitter chocolate.

7. Foods with high calorie intake with food in the morning.

8. Eat well (without TV, computer).

9. Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.

Following these rules will allow you to follow the coveted figure on the scales slowly but surely. And the inclusion in the list of compulsory cases of daily fitness training will allow not only to lose weight, but also to get a sporty and fit body.

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