How to lose weight with the power of thought – affirmations

How to lose weight with the power of thought - affirmations

A modern girl is constantly engaged in improving her appearance, she does not always go smoothly as she would like. For example, many women struggle with extra pounds for years and all without success. They sit on different diets, almost go to starvation, others spend more time in gyms, and others drink various diet pills that can adversely affect their health. However, not all girls get positive results.

Scientists have proved that many people suffer from illnesses because of their wrong thinking, the same is true for people who are difficult to lose weight. It turns out that if you change your subconsciousness, think correctly, you can achieve brilliant results, improve your figure. The main thing is really to want it.

Set yourself a clear goal

You must clearly determine and set a goal, for example, in 2 weeks to lose 1 kilogram of your weight or 500 grams, you need to start small, as it is impossible to immediately drop the necessary kilograms. In addition, set yourself goals that you can achieve, do not try to do what is difficult for you. If you do everything correctly, then a positive result will not make you wait.

Make an effort

Once you decide on your goal, it’s time to revise your lifestyle as a whole. Start eating properly and in moderation, the food should contain as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. You can consult a physician in advance with a dietician. Drink more liquid: water, fruit fruit, green tea with lemon. And be sure to choose for yourself a few physical exercises that you will like, and perform them daily. It will be very good if you enroll in the gym, but this is possible. Try to get enough sleep and arrive in a good mood.

Support your subconscious affirmations

After you pick up the right routine for your day and nutrition, and set a goal, you need every morning (after awakening) and every night (before going to sleep), to say to oneself, or better aloud, affirmations. Everything is done lying on the bed with your eyes closed. You can, if you wish, say it to yourself during the day for a more robust result. Choose yourself about 5-10 statements (affirmations). There must be no particle in them. Example: you can not say “I’m not fat,” since the brain will not perceive the particle, and the subconscious will perceive “I’m fat.” Therefore, replace this statement with “I’m thin,” “I’m slim.”

A few statements for your harmony

– Every morning when I wake up, I am cheerful and cheerful, it’s easy for me to lose weight;

– when I do exercises, I lose weight;

– Each of my cells is saturated with oxygen, and I lose weight;

– I enjoy eating healthy food, and it helps me lose weight;

– when I eat, I lose weight;

– my figure is beautiful, I am slender and beautiful;

– I quickly lose weight, in me (say weight, how much you want to weigh) a kilogram;

– I program myself to lose weight;

– I spend every day with joy because I easily lose weight;

– I praise myself, because I am able to lose weight.

Remember, the main thing is to subconsciously want to achieve your goal and you will definitely achieve it. This applies not only to losing weight, but also much more. Be happy and healthy!

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