How to lose weight in the hip zone?

There is no doubt that the inner beauty of man has paramount importance. However, this does not exclude the need to monitor your appearance, especially when you are a woman. Many ladies have to make significant sacrifices in order to get rid of excess weight and get ideal forms. With the onset of the beach season, the topic of weight loss worries almost every woman. Since the hip zone often becomes problematic for women, there are many ways to deal with excess centimeters in this area, which we will consider further.

Healthy and proper nutrition

The “problem” of the hip zone is that this is one of the most characteristic places of the female body where fat deposits accumulate. This feature is associated with the reproductive function of women and the ability to bear a child. A certain amount of fat should be in the body, but its excess spoils the female form and can cause serious health problems. Fats come into the body with food, and if you adhere to the simple rules of healthy eating, you can avoid the appearance of extra centimeters and thoughts about how to lose weight in the hips. Here are the main ones:

– Reduce the consumption of foods containing fats, up to 30-50 grams per day;

– Rationally organize your diet: carbohydrate foods (cereals, muesli, etc.) eat in the morning, fatty – at lunch time, protein – for dinner;

– Do not skip breakfast and refuse a late dinner;

– Take small meals 5-6 times a day;

– The presence in the diet of oatmeal, skim milk and cheese, boiled eggs and unsweetened fruits will not add weight, but will also improve digestion;

– From sweets, bakery products and processed meat products (sausages, meat semi-finished products, etc.) must be completely abandoned;

– In between main meals, prefer fruit and fresh herbs;

– Drink plenty of pure still water.

Exercise and Exercise

In this area of ​​work, you should clearly understand and remember what kind of goal you are pursuing – not just lose excess pounds or build muscle, but get rid of extra inches in your hips. To do this, you do not need heavy weights or special simulators, but only a flat surface, a soft mat, comfortable clothes and, of course, a desire to work on yourself.

You can improve your own forms in a specialized sports hall, where a professional instructor will tell you how to lose weight in the hips correctly and quickly, or at home. The best time for classes is evening. Most of the necessary exercises in this case are simple enough, and are aimed at compensating for hypodynamia, that is, limited motor activity of the muscles in the problem area.

Here are some of the most effective and proven exercises, which should be started after an aerobic warm-up of the muscles:

– Squats.

They should be performed that in a day, starting at 30 and gradually increasing the number of sit-ups. Legs on the width of the shoulders, when performing exercises the feet do not tear. In order to achieve only weight loss in the hips, and to avoid unwanted buildup of muscles, you should give up extra weight when doing the exercises.

– Falls.

From the standing position one by one, each leg makes forward attacks. Hands are along the trunk, and do not rest on a bent knee. The back is flat, and the muscles should be noticeably tensioned. It is enough to perform up to 20 attacks on each leg for two approaches.

– Exercise “Bicycle”.

Lying on his back, his legs, slightly bent at the knees, are raised perpendicular to the floor. In this position, the movements resemble the torsion of the bicycle pedals. You should pay attention to your feelings, so that more workload was on the hips, and not on the press.

The main secret of the effective and long-lasting result of the fight with fat deposits on the hips is an integrated approach. That is, it is not enough just to follow a chosen diet or perform certain exercises. It is necessary to regularly and systematically monitor both nutrition and exercise. Also, periodic procedures of professional massage and wrapping will not be superfluous.

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