How to lose weight in a new way

How to lose weight in a new way

Ideal physically humans have only one drawback – they do not exist. Or rather, they are, but only on the covers of glossy magazines, where the professionals of the photoshop have carefully worked on their pictures. After such a vital conclusion, I stopped paying attention to some inconsistencies of my figure with the generally accepted standards of beauty, but everything changed one extremely unpleasant incident, namely: one fine morning I could not pull on my favorite jeans.

Do not believe the words that the whole life flies before your eyes a moment to death. That’s what happened to me for a moment after realizing that my life will never be the same again and this sinister word has never responded with a crackle of denim fabric on the hips. Flashed happy episodes associated with the favorite part of the wardrobe, namely: I’m late for couples and instantly fly into both legs with legs without problems. Or I return home late and masterfully quickly get into bed, because removing jeans is also not a problem. Now all in the past, it’s time to go for new things for a bigger size.

And it is after this prospect that we always say goodbye to the comfortable weight, and even with the newly updated wardrobe, it really does not feel right. The rib was the question: your favorite jeans or a break in the realm of excess weight, in which many life joys are lost. The breakage was not very desirable, so there were two options for consideration: diet and sport. The latter did not really appeal to my soul, so it was decided to starve. To stimulate the zeal, totem jeans were hung in the most prominent place, like a mute reproach to superfluous kilograms. The point of no return was passed, the fight against excess weight started!

Honestly, hoping for my willpower, I stayed on the diet for two days seemed to me an eternity. Bypassing the street fast food, without opening the fridge at home and giving up a picnic with friends, I felt like a deeply unhappy creature. Attracting smells of Uzbek pilaf coming from the kitchen, a chocolate suddenly found in a backpack and an open conservation of steers in a tomato tempted not worse than Al Pacino in “Devil’s Advocate”. In the end, the superman did not give up, heroism for supermen, and therefore I can afford a small piece of something delicious. Probably many people know this situation: they decided to eat a slice of something like that, but could not resist and shoved a couple of plates of borscht, fish whips and compote into themselves. That’s about how my diet ended.

The idea with sports has ended even more deplorably. Despite the vow to start every morning with a jog, it constantly something that prevented it from fulfilling. To save the Earth from alien invasion, a monstrous tsunami or the invasion of giant termites like it was not necessary, but then the alarm went off, then the kettle boiled for too long, etc. Bent for exercise dumbbells more than I was interested in unless the cat and then for a short while. Jeans in which it was already impossible to get into, were hidden far into the bowels of the cabinet.

How can you reduce your appetite and not break?

My experience of losing weight would have ended in failure, if I had not tried an inoffensive and at the same time effective way of reducing hunger, namely, dietary supplements. First, the vitamin complex, which is part of their composition, maintains the balance necessary for the body of substances for the period of restriction in food. Secondly, significantly dulls the feeling of hunger, so you do not feel any discomfort and continue to enjoy life, without a constant desire to eat.

How to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to products that have passed strict quality control. Now many scammers offer absolutely useless, and sometimes harmful for health assortment of bioadditives. Therefore, ask for certificates from the seller. Do not pursue cheapness, it is unlikely in this case you can talk about the originality of the product and the strength of its effect. True Japanese dietary supplements are quite affordable, but do not cost a penny, you can get acquainted with a wide range of products at They contain environmentally friendly, natural ingredients that are subjected to a special cleaning procedure, which eliminates the occurrence of allergic reactions. By the way, about 90% of Japanese people use dietary supplements, so they look great even in old age.

Who can take supplements

They can be recommended to almost everyone, as this is a universal tool for maintaining physiological health at a high level. Agree, the quality of food has deteriorated, and to fill the deficit of vitamins is necessary, just necessary. And here the help comes bioadditives, which support the necessary balance of nutrients.

The spectrum of action is wide enough, I was surprised to find that not only my body but also the skin changed during weight loss. She became cleaner and replaced the grayish shade with a healthy glow. I do not know whether it is worth attributing to BADam success in school, because in addition to restoring the physical balance, they improve the mental work of the brain. Maybe everything worked in the complex – a positive attitude, lack of hunger and saturation of the body with vitamins.

As a result, one fine morning, I finally was able to wear my favorite jeans. I stopped living in fear that someday I’ll get fat, because now I have an assistant with whom the overeating is not terrible.

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