How to lose weight. Grandmother’s Secrets

How to lose weight. Grandmother's Secrets

The issue of excess weight in antiquity had two sides. On the one hand, there was no such problem at all, since the whole way of life did not allow the absorption of such quantities in such a variety of food as now. If you take quite ancient times, then the food needed to run fairly well, and if you look at the relatively recent past, then the harmony of the body was maintained due to the relative homogeneity of food and the lack of chemistry in food.

In addition, the lack of labor mechanization caused people to be in constant movement, a lot of calories were spent daily, and a low-calorie, vegetable food did not contribute to the deposition of fat. On the other hand, thin people (especially in Asia and Russia) were considered rather sick than attractive. That is why weight loss was considered only from the point of view of the healing process, and not to enhance the aesthetic appeal, as, as you know, in ancient times women were valued in the body.

So what was in the arsenal of our grandmothers for losing weight?

Another means for purifying the body was fasting. Orthodox practice knows a lot of posts, but also not for losing weight for beauty, but for preserving health. It allows the body to rest and cleanse of heavy food, which it ruthlessly load the entire year. Of course, one post of the problem does not solve, but if the person is sane, then the principles of nutrition will support, consolidating the acquired habits.

At a time when medicine was unavailable and there was no trust, the whole treatment was based on herbs. Here and losing weight was also carried out by herbs, herbal decoctions and gatherings. The simplest recipe is based on wormwood: 1 teaspoon wormwood fill bitter with 1 glass of boiling water and after cooling we use three times a day before meals for 20 minutes. For slimming used and juices of various plants, the most effective of which was considered cabbage juice. Cabbage juice was also used for a month three times a day for half an hour before meals. Start with the volume of a half glass, gradually bringing up to one glass. No less good effect is the pumpkin juice and the birch juice known from childhood.

If there was a need to lose those extra pounds, then before retiring for expensive foreign drugs, it is worth looking back on the experience of our grandmothers, to take a hard diet that is harmful to the body. And choose a more natural and healthy way, tested for years.

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