How to lose weight for the New Year without harm to health?

How to lose weight for the New Year without harm to health?

Very soon the New Year holidays, and in the air the atmosphere of wonders and magic is hovering! Regardless of where and with whom you will celebrate the New Year, you want to be the most beautiful at a festive party. How in the short term to lose a few pounds and get yourself in shape?

Successful weight loss is based on three pillars:

The first and most important thing is the calculation of calories eaten

Yes, it’s boring and time-consuming, but practice shows that this is the most reliable way. We sometimes do not notice how many extra calories we eat per day. In addition, there are many programs for calculating calories. The main thing is not to regret time and find something that is right for you.

The second important condition for weight loss is the ability to distinguish between protein and carbohydrate products

For example, carbohydrates are best used in the morning and afternoon. Therefore, all porridge, sweets and even fruits should be eaten no later than six hours before bedtime. But the protein food can be safely eat for dinner, not being afraid for your figure. For example, in the evening it is useful to eat a couple of chicken eggs, preferably without yolk, boiled chicken breast and sour-milk products with a low fat content. Such a dinner not only does not harm the figure, but it is even useful.

The fact is that for healthy weight loss our body needs to receive about 60 grams of protein daily. Protein is the main building material of our cells, and it is not stored in fats. We also need the same amount of healthy fats, better than vegetable origin. Fats are needed for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins and depriving yourself of fats is absolutely in no case impossible. But carbohydrates can and should be limited. But remember that they also require a minimum of 60 grams per day.

Therefore, planning your dinner, pay attention not only to caloric content, but also to the composition of products. For successful weight loss you need to create a calorie deficit of about 400-500 per day. Ie eat 1500-1600 calories a day. Divide this figure by the number of meals and try to keep within the received number.

And the third, very important condition is sports

And do not necessarily exhaust yourself with heavy exercises and cardiovascular equipment. It is enough to arrange walks on 5-6 kilometers in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening after supper. Make a route in advance and go! It is proved that walking tours are the best help in the struggle for a beautiful figure.

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