How to lose weight for a vacation?

How to lose weight for a vacation?

Together with the joy of the heat comes a new problem: the excess weight that saved us in the winter, now looks now is not at all aesthetic and many spring and summer things were small. How can you prepare your body with a fat body for the beach season, because the season of vacations is not far off?

First you need to pull yourself together, give yourself a mental slip and stop convincing yourself that before you leave it is still far away and you can easily lose weight. But especially to lean on physical exercises, hoping to see the result in a week, is also not an option. The most optimal terms – one and a half to two months.

How to achieve success in losing weight?

First, you need to abandon the obsession to put yourself on a tough diet. It is worthwhile to understand that in case of serious weight loss due to the lack of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and hated fats), the human body becomes only greedy and greedy: when a person finally ventures to eat something, the body is afraid that after such a relaxation of food there will be no more , And painstakingly postpone all the nutrients in the form of fat on the sides. That’s why after a sharp weight loss and even a slow return to normal nutrition, the lost centimeters will return and a couple of additional extra ones will be added as a bonus.

But to systematize your diet is still necessary. Nutritionists advise girls to eat often. About 5-6 times, but in small portions, 300 kcal at a time. Therefore, the daily norm is 1800 kcal and 2500 kcal for those who play sports. From the table, a person should get up slightly hungry, and dry snacks, which they like to do during work, should be replaced with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts.

The refrigerator should be urgently removed:

• semi-finished products and canned food;

• alcohol, sweet fizzy drinks, energy drinks that favor the appearance of fat, contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel and literally kill the liver;

• fast food and sausage products (no comments).

Secondly, we must not forget about water. Water is an integral component necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Its deficiency contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and premature aging. The girl should drink in a day of 1.8-2 liters of clean liquid (ordinary or soda water).

By the way, very few people know that in most cases, when a person wants to eat, his body wants to drink. Therefore, drown out the attack of hunger with water – it helps!

Fourth, pay attention to the morning gymnastics. Turn on the merry music and go! – To take a course on intensive exercises for a flat tummy, the tightened press, an aspen waist and elastic buttocks.

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