How to lose weight by 2 kg per week

How to lose weight by 2 kg per week

Resetting weight is not an easy task, being on a diet can make you feel uncomfortable if you do not see any results. And even if you have achieved success in dumping excess kilograms, you are recruiting them again. There is a possibility to lose weight without fast weight gain afterwards, you just need to know a certain sequence of steps to achieve this goal. In this article, we will explain how to lose weight by 2 kilograms per week and not gain weight in the future. This is really an effective way and you will quickly see the results.

Proteins play a key role in the process of losing weight. They help to accelerate metabolism, and your body starts to burn more fat. Physical exercise and the use of low-fat meat contribute to rapid fat burning. The best foods rich in protein are salmon, tuna, chicken, turkey, eggs, almond milk, oatmeal, brown rice and many others.

We recommend five meals a day in small portions, a break between meals should not exceed five hours. This will help to speed up the metabolism, and the process of losing weight will go faster.

In addition to proteins, you should include carbohydrates in your diet. A balanced diet with carbohydrates gives energy for sports. Carbohydrate-rich foods: rice, vegetables, cereals, fruits and many others. You should enter complex carbohydrates in a diet. Replace pasta and rice with whole grains, start eating breakfast cereal. Another good tip, drink water on an empty stomach, it is very useful and leads to faster metabolism and fat burning.


Here is a menu that will help you lose a few extra pounds per week. For a week you can modify it.


Oatmeal with almonds or natural fruits. We advise you to cook oatmeal on water, then drain the water through a sieve. Add pieces of fruit, such as apples or plums, after removing the seeds and seeds. Add crushed almonds, mix the porridge with honey and here you have a delicious breakfast.


It is best to choose low-fat yogurt with berries or pieces of pear. If you are still hungry, eat something from fruits, such as an apple. This will prevent you from going to the nearest snack bar before dinner.


We offer you a delicious salad of spinach, tomatoes, lettuce and 150 grams of fried salmon. If you do not eat at home, then a good option is a whole grain bread sandwich with tomato, lettuce and chicken. Do not drink a lot of water and in any case do not drink soda.

Afternoon snack

As a breakfast option, skim yogurt or other low-fat dairy product of your choice, with nuts and prunes or a toast with a thin slice of turkey.


The best dish for dinner is lettuce and spinach with tomatoes and 150 grams of chicken breast.

Try different variants of the above dishes, and you will realize that dropping 2 kilograms of excess weight in a week is quite an achievable goal. Do not drink more than one cup of coffee a day, coffee should be without milk and sugar. Instead of coffee it is better to drink green tea, it well promotes the acceleration of metabolism.

In addition to diet, you need to exercise daily to exercise calories and lose weight. First of all, you should do cardio exercises: running, cycling, etc., then you can add general strengthening exercises to increase muscle tone, such as yoga.

Please note that this diet is for one week. After that, you should eat a balanced diet and avoid eating sugar. If you want to lose weight without causing harm to your health, it is advisable to visit your doctor to get recommendations.

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