How to lose weight and not lose your mind

How to lose weight and not lose your mind

“Any woman would like to lose about five kilograms. And it’s better for all ten “, – says one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood, Christina Hendricks. And she is right – every girl, even slim and fit, looking in the mirror no-no, and will think to herself – “fat.” Especially the desire to lose weight in the beautiful sex is exacerbated with the approach of spring and summer – because soon it will be impossible to wrap yourself in a down jacket or sheepskin coat and go for a slender nymph.

And women begin to lose weight, coiling health unbalanced, but very fashionable diets like the one where you only need to eat buckwheat, or one where you can not eat any foods other than those that are white. At best, they just get bored with it, and they pounce on cakes and cakes with frantic force, “not staying” on the fashion diet, at worst – become patients of the gastroenterologist.

So is there really a universal diet? How to lose weight and keep your sanity and health?

The answer is really very simple and complicated at the same time. It is necessary that more calories are consumed than consumed. For example, hypothetically, for a small piece of cake will have to walk up to the fifth floor five times. Every time, before you eat something so high-calorie, it’s worth asking yourself, are you willing to spend the same amount of calories? If yes – do not hesitate to eat, if not – maybe an apple is better?

It is also important to remember that the body is a timid, demented doe, which, if seldom fed, is frightened, and, just in case, “stores” everything. Therefore, it is necessary to accustom yourself to eat regularly, and not as necessary. To the body was not afraid of the coming hunger and unstable situation with food, but processed the food received into it “where necessary”, and not into fat.

Water. It is important to drink a lot of water, one and a half to two liters a day, at least, and this is in addition to tea and coffee. You can not? A jealous of slender beauty, in shorts in the summer can? Then, of course, do not drink. If you also want shorts in the summer and do not look like a freshly muffin in a mold, drink water. Drink coughing and daring, and, I assure you, in a week you will get used. And after two you will be surprised how you did not drink water before. Reasonable question – why? Roughly speaking, water accelerates the metabolism, forcing the kidneys to withdraw it faster. And we remember that fat consists approximately 75% of water. Conclusion do yourself.

And – most importantly – move. No wonder they say that movement is life. Ideally, of course, go to the gym or to yoga, or somewhere, where specially trained people will see that you move a lot. Can not bring yourself to go to the gym? Force yourself to at least give up the elevator, or take an extra stop on foot, without waiting for transport. Tired? Physics, the school program – the more energy we spend, the more it appears. Accordingly, if today you force yourself to go through one stop and it will not be easy for you, tomorrow it will be easier, and in a week you will pass two. And there, and look and go to yoga.

The most important reward for all this is not only a body that has been built up, but also health. You will become less likely to catch a cold, yes, it’s true, because your immunity will get stronger. You will smile more often, because you will have confidence in yourself, and also that you will succeed. So do not go into rage with diets with the approach of spring, but think about your health, and you will succeed!

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