How to lose weight and not hurt your health

How to lose weight and not hurt your health

The principle of any impact on the human body “do no harm.” This also applies to weight loss. During this process, the body adapts to new conditions and is rebuilt into a new way of working. It can be detrimental to health. When faced with problems, a person does not know how to cope with them and returns to his usual lifestyle. Losing weight becomes a pipe dream.

In order to lose weight was the most effective and did not cause problems on the part of health, it is necessary to observe the following conditions: to eat and exercise physically. It is necessary to observe how the figures of blood pressure, the amount of sugar in the blood and the ratio of muscle tissue and fat change.

Lose weight and control blood pressure

During active exercise, the pulse increases and blood pressure may rise. These changes in a healthy person are short-lived and quickly come back to normal. Those who have heart and vascular problems these indicators remain elevated for a long time. The intensity and duration of physical activity should increase gradually so that the body does not experience overloads and has time to recover between training.

In the food used, nuts, vegetable oils, river and sea fish, sunflower seeds and other must be present. They contain essential acids conducive to the normalization of the work of the heart and the state of the vessels.

Lose weight and control the amount of sugar in the blood

Beginners losing weight, sometimes make a big mistake, excluding one or two meals and carbohydrates from the diet. This can lead to hypoglycemia, that is, to a low sugar content in the blood, manifestations of which are fatigue, lethargy, irritability, pallor, sweating and a sudden feeling of hunger.

To avoid such conditions in food, slow carbohydrates such as legumes, cereals, and fruits should be included. They should be 1/2 of the total volume of food. Eat often and gradually. You can not go in for sports on an empty stomach. At least 1 hour before exercise, you need to eat, as carbohydrates participate in fat burning.

Lose weight and control the ratio of adipose tissue and muscle

To measure the ratio of fat and muscle, there are special scales. Losing weight should be due to adipose tissue. Fat is burned in the muscles, so the muscle layer must be developed, and for this it is necessary to eat the proteins that are necessary for their development.

In order to lose weight without harm to health, of course, it is better to consult a nutritionist or endocrinologist, who will give certain recommendations that correspond to the current state of the body.

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