How to live a day so that the morning is good?

How to live a day so that the morning is good?

Many people greet the “Good Morning!” Perceive as a mockery. A wonderful time for the birth of a new day has long brought them nothing but repentance for their irrepressible fun the day before. How can there be anything good that I did not want yesterday? When the night is short, and the company is so good, I want to catch the moment, stop the film, freeze time. However, after all, the morning must necessarily be the morning, at least until the person lives in the established order of things – with the division of the day into time intervals. How to color the morning in bright colors?

Restraint in the use of alcohol

You can not forbid a person to drink, but you have to fight for the culture of drinking. If you can not avoid the “libation”, you need to follow the advice of doctors: do not start eating before noon, do not delay the process until after midnight, periodically take breaks for half an hour or an hour, drink alcohol for a good snack. Categorically it is not recommended to mix drinks made from different types of raw materials: for example, you can not drink vodka with beer, brandy with vodka, beer with wine and so on, how much fantasy is enough.

Observance of the regime of the day

The right balance of work and rest, sleep and wakefulness, food intake and periods of unloading contributes to the increase of efficiency and the generation of one’s own energy in order to make your day meaningful. In the morning you can feel sluggish and lazy if you cut down your sleep hours: you have to go to bed at 22-23.00 to wake up almost without an alarm clock in the morning, and if you “kill” sleep and continue to stay awake long after midnight, you can turn your morning into a nightmare in reality.

High-grade food

Proper nutrition is an indispensable attribute of a healthy lifestyle, and in combination with the normalization of all aspects of life plays an important role in increasing labor productivity.

Regular planning

If a person does not have a clear understanding of what he needs to do today, no morning will be benevolent. Fall asleep on the eve, you can spend a few minutes thinking about the day to come: what to do, with whom to meet, what matters “pull up” and which ones to initiate. Taking into account tasks and orienting in time, required to perform tasks of varying degrees of complexity, make the coming day meaningful, and the person does not have time for laziness, although it is inherent in nature. To allow yourself a well-deserved vacation on weekends or on holidays, you should perform work and household duties with such zeal and at such a pace that you do not take work on the house and do not worry that guests will unexpectedly come and find a man in a pile of laundry or weeks Stored garbage, “in the company” of a badly smelling refrigerator or mountains of dirty dishes.

Positive attitude

No matter how skeptical a person is, he should smile: the more often he does it, the more benevolent the surrounding people are, the better the process of relaxation of facial muscles, the more natural and beautiful the face looks. Looking to the future with optimism in spite of all adversity is a difficult task, but not a hopeless one. Morning is good, already because it has come. Everyone will not be in a bad mood if the usual course of events is interrupted.

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