How to learn yourself

How to learn yourself

The strangest feeling that a person can have towards himself is at the same time love and hatred, that is, acceptance of himself with the entire list of negative traits of character and narcissism bordering on narcissism. “How so?” – you ask. Yes, that’s how it’s just complicated at the same time. Man is so conceived to be constantly in turmoil, torment, doubts about his person.

Happy are those who firmly know their own worth, and do not yield to various doubts that take precious moments of life and health. But there are very few such people, and one should not believe a man who claims that he knows his worth, knows exactly his goals and directions, where he stomps! To say – one thing, but what happens behind the facade of such a monumental human being? This is the whole question.

But the rest of humanity, especially its fine part, torment themselves and all others with questions such as “How do I look?”, “Does this hairstyle … dress … suit … lipstick?” These questions have a single goal: to calm their inner self-esteem And let others know that you are worth something!

That such questions, actually poisoning life, became less, you need to work on yourself, both in terms of physical and psychological. For women, the opinion of the people around them about their appearance is very important. Well, follow this principle! Learn fashion trends in clothes, buy interesting accessories, think over your wardrobe to the smallest detail, so that there is not such that there is a green scarf, and you can dress it only with a yellow blouse.

In terms of psychological work on yourself a little more difficult, but everything is possible if you want! The most effective remedy, remember from the film “The most charming”? Of course, this is auto-training! If you tell yourself a few good phrases in the morning, for example, “I love you so much, sunshine,” then you will see that the morning will begin very differently! The main thing is to do this sincerely, and not automatically, just because it’s written in the magazine.

All human problems: its complexes, resentments, disappointments and failures in life are associated with low self-esteem. How many times has it been said that thoughts are material and like this gives birth to such, but I repeat again: you are that treasure that you have yourself, only this treasure needs to be put in order in all senses of the word: both externally and internally !!

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