How to know the sex of the future baby at home

How to know the sex of the future baby at home

As soon as a woman learns about her pregnancy, the question immediately arises: who will be born – a boy or a girl? Ultrasound determines sex only from the 22nd week, but parents so want to quickly contact their baby by name, that they are looking for any ways to know the sex of the child before the appointed time.

About the most diverse methods of determining sex from the first weeks can be found at Here, in detail and in an accessible form, answers are given to all questions on this topic that concern parents. After acquaintance with some of the options, parents will be able to try them in action and draw their conclusions about the reliability of one or the other.

TestPol – what is it?

The simplest and most effective is TestPol. Producers determine the probability level of a true forecast above 98%. This is approximately the same as doing ultrasound, because even though the device is not mistaken, the doctors are mistaken, who can misread his testimony. The TestPol is done up to 32 weeks inclusively similar to the pregnancy test. According to the shade that the first morning urine takes, everything will become clear – the cells of the boy’s embryo will color it green, and the cells of the girl will turn into a shade of yellow.

All sorts of tables

Calculate the sex of the child can be and with the help of Chinese and Japanese tables, compiled on the basis of the wisdom of generations and data on the parents. For the Chinese table, the age of the mother and the month of conception will be needed, and the Japanese are counting, given the birthdays of mom and dad and the month when the child should be born. Both those and others thus recognize the sex of the baby or plan pregnancy in advance for many hundreds of years in a row. The Japanese claim that the probability of an accurate forecast is 98%, the Chinese are slightly more modest – slightly above 90%.

Learn sex by blood

Sex can be calculated by the blood group of parents and Rh factors. True, some justly doubt the reliability, because the test gives one answer for the couple for all cases, that is, concludes that only boys or only girls will be born. Still it is possible to learn a floor proceeding from updatings of a blood. The fact that men have blood renewed every 4 years, and women – every 3 years. It is necessary to divide the age into a figure of sex. Whose blood is fresh, that sex and baby.

Tips for determining sex also gives astrology, sympathetic magic, folk signs. Find out how they are truthful, you can only by testing them in action.

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