How to know the measure in losing weight?

In pursuit of beauty, we can not notice how it escapes us. People resort to plastic surgery, torture their body with diets, are too addicted to piercings and tattoos, trying so to stand out from the crowd. There is quite a legitimate question: “How not to overdo it with losing weight?” All over the world, it is said that diets ruthlessly ruin our health, as well as cause anorexia, and at the same time, magazine covers are full of semi-transparent photos Thinness of girls. Of course, not all, but many representatives of the fair sex at least once thought about reducing their extra pounds.

How to know the measure in losing weight?

Think about it not only ladies with magnificent forms, but very thin girls. The main thing in the pursuit of beauty is to know the measure. The first thing you need to do is look at yourself in the mirror, and after a week’s sitting on the chosen diet, measure and compare the result. It’s important not to forget to praise yourself.

And also do not forget to support the result with sports loads: pump up the muscles of the buttocks and legs, abdomen, etc.

The main thing to choose your diet, which is right for you, and not to listen to the advice of friends and acquaintances who have lost weight on a particular diet.

Do not starve yourself, for the body it’s a shock. This method will only lead to the fact that after deprivation of food the body will double-restore the missing deposits after any intake of food or tea. When choosing a diet should be guided by its use for the body, even if the process of losing weight will be a little longer.

The body needs to eat, even if you are on a diet.

Starvation leads to exhaustion and constant fatigue, which only adds to your age, leads to a depressed state and depression. Girls with anorexia are almost impossible to bear pregnancy. This disease at the last stage leads to a lethal outcome. Look at photos of anorexic girls, there are a lot of them on the Internet. Think about your health and the health of future children. Do not turn beauty into ugliness. The most proven option – set a goal and follow to the dream, and having achieved real beauty, do not turn it into ugliness, but support and enjoy life.

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