How to keep yourself in shape in the fall? Dietitian tips

How to keep yourself in shape in the fall? Dietitian tips

Every woman strives for an ideal figure at any time of the year and regardless of the weather. But unfortunately the human body has completely different rules and a schedule of time. The closer to winter, the stronger the body gets tired of daily work and requires additional time for normal rest.

Therefore, the regime that was chosen in the summer time does not fit with the onset of cold weather. The body begins to store up with subcutaneous fat and stores vitamins from the summer, so it looks like it is expressed in a small subcutaneous fat, which if there are no disorders, is harmoniously distributed throughout the body. In men, this transition and the accumulation of fat is not as noticeable as in women. Here, it’s all about the features of the figures and the structure of the body.

And although autumn is harder to keep in shape and look beautiful, it is still possible, because the human body is well suited to training and physical exercises, you just need to choose the right technique, so that the result obtained lasts a long time and beautiful harmonious appearance is preserved regardless of the season and Temperature conditions.

First, excess weight is associated with a slowing metabolism. Therefore, you need to give the body a signal that no one will fall into a hibernation. To do this, in the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of water with lemon juice and honey. This is an excellent tool not only for toning, but also for freshness and better metabolism. Nutritionists recommend adding cinnamon to this liquid, but this may change the taste, so do not experiment.

In addition to consuming the right amount of fluid throughout the day, you should also not forget about the correct diet, because it is not just what we eat, but also how much food we eat. In order for the body to absorb good nutrients well, but at the same time not oversaturated and do not accumulate excess fat, you need to divide meals by five times and eat no more than 3000 calories. This is a normal daily rate for an adult, which also allows you to feel satiety, but at the same time, not satiety. As for the food itself, you need to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. The most useful in terms of diet are apples and apple juice. You can also eat plums and pears, because they have a lot of vitamins and eat fresh. Do not increase doses of flour and sugar in sweets should be replaced with honey, because it is more useful and healthy for the body.

Thirdly, a normal dream. It is not strange that this is the period when the organism undergoes the process of regeneration, which is very important. During sleep, the process of saturation with useful substances occurs and the metabolism also does not stop. If this process is interrupted, the depressive state will begin and the body will not be able to properly process the food received for the day. Sleep requires at least 8 hours, this also includes the time for a simple rest between work.

And the last factor, which also plays an important role in supporting the body, is body massage. This procedure allows not only to improve blood flow and increase the metabolic rate, but also has cosmetic properties and is very useful in combating obesity. Massage can be different, ranging from cosmetic and ending with a specific healing, but nevertheless the benefit from it is very large, because it relieves stress and improves muscle tone. The mood is rising and in addition the massage procedures tighten the figure. If you do massage with cosmetic and essential oils, then from the procedure you can get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment for the whole organism …

Based on these factors, do not be afraid of the transition to winter time, because for the beauty and elasticity of the skin, for slender figure and body relaxation, you just need to follow the above tips and then you can remain irresistible and attractive for almost a year. In addition, these tips are available to every woman, because they do not require a lot of money and are easy and simple in terms of practical application …

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