How to keep within the budget

How to keep within the budget

Maybe you will need to breathe the Kundalini technique and put in some suitable music, but this in any case is not a reason for sleepless nights. You will definitely need a calculator, or even better – a table in Excel. In principle, there are special programs, such as Quicken or Microsoft Money, but they are not necessary – the budget is not always difficult, it is enough that it is accurate and effective.

Diary of expenses

You can not make a budget spending, if you do not know what the money is for. Start a notebook where you will write down every penny spent during the month. It is very exciting. Record and regular large expenses – payment for an apartment and a phone and random purchases such as Kosmo or rolls for tea. Make notes by buying another T-shirt or toothpaste. At the end of the month, you will have a complete picture of where the money goes.

Subtract expenses from income

Fold all your expenses for a month. Subtract this amount from your monthly salary after tax deduction. If you spend less than you get in your hands, everything is in order and, most likely, budgeting will not be a problem for you. But if you are like most, then live very little beyond your means and you need help to drive this river back to the shores.

Make a list

First of all, consider mandatory expenses that can not be reduced: rent, utilities (electricity, telephone, Internet), loans, credit cards (at least minimum mandatory payment) and car care. Then write down the remaining costs; How much you spend and what. And here already see what is necessary, and what is optional, that is, you can decide for yourself whether to spend money on it. In this matter, you have to be very precise: the food is not optional, visiting restaurants – yes. Shampoo and soap are not optional, but you can buy them in a nearby department store, or you can in Lush.

Decrease appetite

Look at the most bloated areas of the budget. Find things where costs do not match your priorities, and think about what you can cut out of this. Maybe you are constantly wasting fresh flowers for your desktop, and spend half your time on the road. Or spend one and a half thousand a month to pay for cable television, which almost do not look, and go to the cinemas for 500-ruble tickets twice a week. Understand where money goes and where you need to become more moderate. Continue to reduce the various categories until you get a budget that matches your income.

First pay yourself

Financial experts say that it is necessary to spend 90% of their income, not 100%. Thus, you get an automatic savings plan, and if you go over in the optional expenses, you will have insurance.

Reality check

Having planned the budget, try to live within its framework. For example, in one month you will realize that you have allocated too much, say, clothes, but not enough for unforeseen events such as gifts for a birthday or a trip. A couple of months, write down how much you actually spend, and compare it with your predictions. Most likely, you will need to make some adjustments and allocate money for small items such as patches, batteries and other things, which you could not remember at all, making up the budget.

Budget – like a diet

The purpose of budget planning is to create a healthy diet, and not starve. You should experience joy, cutting costs, not regrets or annoyance. In fact, the most unpleasant thing is the decision to cut costs. But when you have already realized how much you can safely afford to spend on mandatory and optional things, you can not worry that you do not have enough money, and do not scold yourself for fits of extravagance. You know how much money you have, and the fuss from the bank will not become for you the foreknowledge of the Apocalypse!

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