How to keep the effect of losing weight and again not gain weight?

How to keep the effect of losing weight and again not gain weight?

Weight loss is associated with many victims. Despite this, you dare to “draconian” diets to realize your dream of an ideal figure. At the same time getting rid of excess kilograms does not guarantee the eternal maintenance of weight at the reached mark. Unfortunately, often weeks of hard work, effort, refusal of favorite treats, go wrong, as you return to old habits in nutrition. How to keep a beautiful figure for much longer?

As a rule, it is necessary to take a decision on the beginning of a diet for the spring, so that the desired effect is not obtained by the season of holidays. In this case, it happens that the unwanted pounds are returned, and after the summer holiday you look like before. The atmosphere of a holiday and a holiday on the beach makes you forget about the recent difficulties and hardships. You want to enjoy life again. And you start recklessly trying new dishes, consuming exotic drinks, without thinking about the limitations in quantity and time.

Of course, vacation after all once a year. And after the return you look at the scales with fear and disgust. And it turns out that the pants now do not just do not converge, but have become monstrously small. It is at this point that the “boomerang” effect comes to you, caused by different factors. Do you want to avoid it? Then you should remember them if you care about maintaining a slender figure. According to nutritionists, the effect of “boomerang” is the result of an improperly selected diet.

Fasting, low calorie diets, poorly balanced or little variety, as well as malnutrition and physical inactivity very quickly lead to the return of excess kilograms. In addition, the risk of large fluctuations in weight is particularly affected by people who have a significant reduction in weight for a short time.

To prevent the return of the mass, first of all, remember a balanced and varied diet that guarantees effectiveness in the process of losing weight and stabilizing the results. In addition, any diet for weight loss should be selected taking into account individual predispositions of the organism – age, health status, lifestyle and profession. It is simply invaluable professional assistance of a nutritionist who will develop the right nutrition plan and teach the right principles.

That is why the achieved results will be preserved, and the boomerang effect will not threaten you. It is very important to eat regularly – 4-5 times a day. A common mistake of many people is overeating in the evening – as compensation for a missed breakfast or even lunch. In addition, the menu should consistently include dark bread, cereals, lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Daily replenishment of fluid reserves is also of great importance. Observance of these rules will help to avoid hunger and protect you from snacking between meals, which is a frequent reason for weight gain. Completing the course of weight loss, you need to gradually introduce new dishes, because too fast return to old habits ensures weight gain.

The process of stabilization can stretch even for several months and last much longer than weight loss itself, depending on the reaction of the body. It is very important during this period to systematically increase the number of calories in the menu (50-100 kcal per week) without giving up simultaneously the principles that guided you during the diet. It is very difficult to lose weight. But, even more difficult to maintain a constant weight. Physical activity is of great importance.

Playing sports and eating habits is the guarantee of success in the fight for a beautiful figure. Think about this before you take another cake while watching TV.


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