How to get rid of herpes on the lips

How to get rid of herpes on the lips

Herpes can appear on all mucous membranes of the human body. Its causative agent is rightly considered the herpes virus, which is present in the body of every person. From the manifestation it is held back by the immune system, but with the origin of any failures in immunity this virus begins its rapid development. And then small bubbles with liquid appear on the mucous membranes.

Most often, herpes climbs on the lips and genitals. It looks unattractive, besides this disease is contagious. If a healthy person has contact with a patient, then there is a risk of infection.

How to get rid of herpes on the lips?

In each pharmacy are available for sale funds that help to forget about herpes. In addition to medicines, you can try and successfully cure herpes simple folk remedies.

– You can try to cauterize with liquid propolis tincture. After the burning takes place you need to lubricate the sore spot with a nourishing cream with calendula or chamomile.

– Lubricate the herpes on the lips can be sourced from Kalanchoe, which is easily squeezed out of its leaves.

– Up to five times a day, you can apply a hot spoon to the inflammation. It is heated in hot tea and applied to a sore. This method is very effective, but painful enough.

– It is good to dry herpes with a tampon moistened with alcohol. It will be a little painful, but the result usually gives good.

– Several times a day to smear herpes with toothpaste. It dries the sore spot and heals the wound.

– You can also glue a film on herpes, previously removed from the egg shell. This little-known, but very effective tool.

And, most importantly, so that the herpes does not begin to develop, you need to constantly strengthen your body and immune system, so use immunomodulators with herpes, they are quite effective. And most importantly, you do not have to torment yourself by experimenting with folk remedies.

If you have good immunity, no herpes will not be scary, so pay more attention to your health.

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