How to force yourself to lose weight?

How to force yourself to lose weight?

The question of excessive weight excites very many women …. How, you do not care? Well, well, you were lucky, but still we advise you to finish reading the article to the end, it will be useful to you.

So, you are concerned with the question of excess weight, unnecessary kilograms, which you want so much to get rid of. How to do it? Yes, everything is simple enough, you need to find a way that you will like. For example, a special diet, sports classes, lifestyle changes – a lot of options, it’s not about that now. And like you have decided on the way to fight against yourself, it’s time to start, and here begins the most difficult – to start somehow do not want to, there is no desire. I decide with a will that I’ll start on Monday … no, from the first day of next month … no, no, from the first of January – oh yeah, it’s a festive day, as possible after New Year’s festivities on the first day – and so on, in The end – never at all. Familiar?

How will you force yourself to lose weight?

First of all, you need a clear and specific goal – which is exactly what you need. The goal should be quite tangible, and not some abstract, like to lose a few kilograms, because, well, in order to … and in the same way. No, the goal should be clear, for example, participating in a photo contest and, at the very least, getting the first place, winning a young man you like, or some other, at your discretion. You can even argue with your friends, but only with such a calculation that the dispute was on something significant, so that there was an incentive. This will to some extent help you to make the first step, from which, as you know, any journey of a thousand miles begins. You can, for example, assign yourself a very small prize, for each stage of your plan – it also helps a lot. In general, everything depends entirely on you, on your desire, on your energy.

In the end, I want to add that this method is universal, and with it you can achieve any goal, for example, quit smoking, find a good job, learn something new. And I want to finish this article with one famous aphorism: “If you want, but you can not, then you do not really want it.”

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