How to find harmony in yourself

How to find harmony in yourself

“Light my mirror, tell me!” Yes, the whole truth report … “I think that each of us would gladly receive such a wonderful mirror as a gift, which would tell absolutely everything about who is sitting in front of him in the smallest detail. But, who is this person?

In those moments when we are alone with ourselves – we are often visited by such earthly and simple, at first glance, questions like “I am happy now?”, “Does my life bring joy to me?”, “How to find Harmony in yourself? “. And it is in these precious seconds that you realize that you yourself are very unfamiliar with this person, whose sad look has been reflected in your mirror for a long time. Let’s try to get acquainted with him the same way, and even better than what they once started with his close friends, his beloved person, his work colleagues.

Familiarity with the household

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