How to find a slim figure in adulthood

A graceful and beautiful figure dreams of having a woman of any age. However, if in 25-30 years to lose weight and find the desired form is not difficult, then at the age of 40 years, it needs to make some effort.

It’s no secret that extra pounds start to appear in the most unexpected places, often deposited on the hips, buttocks and waist. Even a strict diet at this age does not bring a quick and long-awaited result. This is due to a sharp decline in the body to produce the right hormones. During the menopause, there is a significant restructuring of the entire body of a woman. So, hormones contribute to the rapid increase and accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, sooner or later, any woman begins to search for a diet that can cope with extra pounds. Often this is simply exhausting starvation, unloading days, low-calorie diets, which do not lead to the desired result. In this case, the metabolism is disrupted, and excess weight not only does not disappear, but also increases.

There are a number of rules, under which you can easily manage your weight:

– Active sports. You can start with a walk in the fresh air, which in time should become regular and daily. This will help to be toned, helping to burn fat cells. Running also will help to gradually lose weight. However, at first it is necessary to avoid too active physical exertion, because they can adversely affect the body.

– refuse to eat fried, smoked and fat. It is known that food containing cholesterol increases the risk of atherosclerosis. In youth, this was prevented by estrogens, and in adulthood the risk of a heart attack or stroke is already significantly increasing.

– refuse and limit the consumption of sweet and flour. Perhaps the most difficult condition, because the sweet tooth in this case will have to give up your favorite pastries, coffee, cakes and mouth-watering rolls. Chocolate and coffee cause irreparable harm, removing calcium from the body and increasing blood pressure.

– abandon starvation and short-term diets. If you often resort to these ways of getting rid of excess weight, then the body will also lose a lot of calcium, which will lead to severe stress. This, in turn, will be reflected in the worst way on internal organs, and weight can not only not disappear, but also return back. Therefore, in the daily diet should include sour-milk products, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt. Especially useful can be broccoli, kohlrabi, white cabbage.

And, perhaps, an important advice for maintaining good digestion and metabolism is the intake of at least 2 liters of water per day.

So, observing all the recommendations, you can keep your weight in the norm, gradually getting rid of excess kilograms, including in the diet more fresh vegetables and fruits, and also giving time to sports exercises. And then the next anniversary will not cause negative emotions, leaving a feeling of joy and satisfaction with their achievements.

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