How to find a good gynecologist?

Many women avoid visits to the gynecologist and completely in vain. You have nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Gynecologists are the same doctors as everyone else. It is important to find your “own” gynecologist, who would lead you from the first months to the very old age. After all, only with him you will be able to discuss pregnancy planning and other exclusively women’s issues. How to find a good gynecologist?

If you have a good therapist, he will most likely be able to refer you to a gynecologist. Again, friends are another great source of information. Bad luck? Try to search on the Internet – a lot of clinics have their own sites, and you can choose the one that best suits you by location and price.

Even if at the moment you do not have sex life, you still need to conduct an annual gynecological examination (this also applies to lesbians). You’ve probably already been at a gynecologist’s reception (and if not, and you are more than 18, what are you waiting for?), But still let’s see what to expect from an annual visit to a gynecologist.

1. Pap smear. A mirror is inserted, the sesame opens, and the doctor gently takes a swab with a long cotton swab from the entrance to the cervix. The sample is sent to a laboratory where an abnormal cell is examined. A little unpleasant, but very fast and very important. Remember, most of the abnormalities found are not cancer, but a Pap smear is necessary because early detection and treatment of benign growths prevents the development of cancer.

2. Two-handed study. Two fingers are inserted into the vagina, the other hand is placed on the abdomen. The doctor examines the uterus and ovaries to make sure that everything is in order and does not hurt anywhere. He will feel any compression or swelling on the ovaries, for example, a cyst. The doctor should ask you if you do not feel pain, and you should answer truthfully.

Keep in mind: try not to prescribe a gynecological exam for the period of menstruation, unless you want to discuss with your doctor any problems with excreta that you may have. The presence of menstrual fluid can affect the results of some tests.

3. Rectal examination. Show me a girl who does not like the finger of the doctor in her ass! Another finger can at the same time be inserted into the vagina – check the muscles between the two passages and make sure that there is no superficial swelling.

Always, always contact a gynecologist if …

♦ You have strange selections.

♦ You need to choose a contraceptive. Some therapists will just prescribe the pills, but most will send you to a gynecologist for appliances such as diaphragms, cervical caps and other contraceptives that you will need to pick.

♦ You are planning a pregnancy or you are already pregnant.

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