How to develop the habit of going to bed early

How to develop the habit of going to bed early

Many people dream of going to bed early, but very few people succeed. Very often, those who sit up late, come up with excuses. What prevents you from going to bed on time and how to deal with it?

Every new day brings concerns, problems that need to be addressed. The desire to remake all the cases from the list for a day causes anxiety, and remorse makes one forget about rest. In such a situation it is important to pause, prioritizing the cases for their urgency. Surprisingly, as a rule, it turns out that some of the cases can be postponed for tomorrow, and from something you can and completely refuse.

Often those who are used to staying up late refer themselves to “owls”, referring to the well-known theory of dividing people into “owls” and “larks”. If a person is by nature “owl”, but forced to be a “lark”, he should try to balance these two opposites, for example, go to bed no later than 11 pm.

People prone to strong experiences are prone to going back to the events of the past day, unresolved problems before going to sleep. As a result, there is anxiety, insomnia comes. Psychologists advise for healthy sleep to learn to think neutrally, not allowing negative images to linger in your head. Read a book before bed, but do not watch TV.

Try to gradually accustom your body to go to bed earlier. If you usually lie down after 12 nights, then from today you go to bed at 23.30, the difference is not big and you, most likely, will fall asleep without problems. When you fall asleep at 23.30, it will be normal to move the sleep time to 23.00, etc.

Remember that the most useful sleep is from 22 to 24.00. At this time, 1 hour of sleep goes for 2. Sleep from 22.00 until midnight, you sleep a whole 4 hours, and for a full recovery you will need another hour. Already at 4 am you basically can get up and do what you would do in the evening, but at the same time you will feel completely rested. At first it will be very unusual to get up so early, but in time you will notice that it is better for your body. However, few are ready to go to children’s time at 21.00-21.30 to sleep at 22.00. Go to bed at least 22.00 and your body will thank you.

Besides learning to go to bed early and get up early you will never be late for work, you will always be in a good mood and well-being, you will have time to do more, you can meet dawns, run in the mornings and enjoy silence. Sounds tempting? Then develop this useful habit of going to bed early!

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