How to develop a womanhood?

How to develop a womanhood?

If you are a general in a skirt … stop being a general is hard, and the skirt does not help at the same time. Not every woman in general is able to understand that her “generality” and breaks down in her life all relationships with men. To understand this you begin then … Then … when several attempts have already been broken, several male self-evaluations are broken. Although in this situation, not everyone understands, but they simply conclude that happiness does not shine on them anymore.

Where is the mistake?

In the fact that a woman does not trust a man due to various circumstances, she always climbs with control, instruction and often does men’s affairs herself … why should she then be a man? She can do everything herself.

I already hear a million questions: “But how, if he does not understand?”, “If I do not do it, he will do badly or not at all”, “oh, but he will not do anything”, “it’s easier to do it yourself” and Etc.

We women give our men the right to do nothing, because we can do everything ourselves, but we understand in the depth of our female nature that it is wrong and therefore take offense at men … this is a vicious circle, girls. We start it ourselves and we also close ourselves.

What are the reasons for this behavior?

And then I can list all of you: family, upbringing, parents’ relations, surrounding reality and, including, our unwillingness to develop and change something, it’s easier for us to moan and say that life is hard, that it’s already impossible to change something, Officially announcing that “there are no normal muzhiks anymore”, as if to absolve yourself of the responsibility for being too lazy to look for it, because, in fact, you are satisfied with the dignity that now lies on your couch while you are dragging Home bags with groceries.

To admit to yourself in this is the hardest, because when you confess to yourself, you can not live like this and, sooner or later (and sometimes it’s late in this matter), you will have to change something.

How to fix the situation?

Our partner is our reflection. What is your reflection? Look at your man – he is handsome, smart, slender, successful, merry, he is satisfied, he took place, he is well dressed and drives a good car? He is such a? Then everything is fine with you.

Remember, you are also his reflection … what are you? Well-groomed? Have you recently done a manicure? Do you have a hairdresser? Do you regularly replenish your wardrobe with new clothes and linens? Do you follow your health, the level of your waist?

Femininity is a weakness. And there is power in it. You need to become weaker and you will become stronger at the same time. You do not need to become a pacifier, you must just give a man the right to be a man, to be stronger than you.

Stop dragging heavy bags, stand on your heels, wear sexy clothes at home, but you do not need to corrupt now, they say, I have children and I can not … I also have children, but I can. Do not wear wide T-shirts and scary sports suits. At home the woman should look so that the husband flew home, because there it is waiting for her … Buy home beautiful dresses, sexy shorts and beautiful blouses …

Somehow, a woman thinks that at home she can look like a ragwort. Do the styling, paint the eyelashes. Become a woman.

Become it for yourself. When you become it FOR YOURSELF, you will become such for him.

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