How to determine pregnancy after delay

How to determine pregnancy after delay

In the early term, it is difficult to determine pregnancy, sometimes even a doctor gynecologist. And I would like to know how to determine pregnancy before delay? Delayed menstruation is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Delayed menstruation and you doubt it? Whether it is necessary to go to the doctor? Do you think it can be false? You are interested in the question, how to determine pregnancy after delay in menstruation? We will try to answer this question in this article.

How to determine pregnancy after delay?

One of the first notable physiological changes in pregnancy is the enlargement of the mammary gland and the appearance of an unusual discharge from the nipples (colostrum). Changing the color around the nipples and the appearance of hypersensitivity when touching the nipples. There are also painful sensations in the chest, but these feelings usually appear a little later, after the second month of pregnancy.

Basal temperature (measurement of temperature in the rectum, in the morning, without getting out of bed). If you previously regularly measured basal temperature, then this indicator will accurately talk about pregnancy at a temperature above 37 degrees.

Early toxicosis. You turn away from the type of food, from odors, which previously you did not cause any special reactions.

Appearance of a sharp appetite, new tastes, a desire to eat everything at once. Who does not have toxicosis, he has an appetite – so is the female body. This is the hormonal reconstruction of the organism of the future mother.

Increased fatigue, a constant desire to sleep, sometimes even a state of fainting, especially in stuffy rooms.

Change of mood, then – anger, then – tearfulness, then – apathy. And these mood changes are not connected with anything, they were not provoked.

Increase of abdomen in the uterus. But this happens not earlier than 2-3 months of pregnancy.

Well, now you know some answers to the questions, how to determine the pregnancy after the delay. But anyway, consult a doctor.

May your pregnancy flow easily!

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