How to deceive the appetite?

How to deceive the appetite?

This article for people who are dieting, suffer from increased appetite. No patience is enough and endurance, when you are terribly hungry. The mood falls and nervousness increases. But, if losing weight is necessary, you can try to “deceive” the restless appetite that would reduce your suffering. And this can be done through the following tricks.

• A small and pleasant trick for those who have a desire to eat wakes up in the evening. Right after work, taking a bath will help relax and distract yourself. Yes not simple – with fragrant foam, sea salt and favorite music in the headphones razer. Even if at first you do not really want, you should overpower yourself! After the end of the procedure in the stomach unless the apple or a glass of juice fits, the mood will rise and even fatigue will run away with water into the drain.

• You can drink a glass of clean, fresh water 15 minutes before a meal. This will somewhat reduce the appetite. You can drink water and, if you just wanted to eat, just do not start using it in large quantities.

• If you are unbearable, you can try a snack. Only this must be done correctly. As a useful snack, fruit, 3 nutlets, dried apricots or raisins, a pair of dark chocolate pieces or several pieces of cheese will do. And again a glass of water.

• You can reduce your appetite with bran. But they should be used reasonably, so that afterwards there are no troubles in the gastrointestinal tract. Two tablespoons for half a glass of water, before eating.

• Sometimes aromatherapy helps to reduce the thirst for food. A bottle with mint aroma oil in a bag will help to cope with unpleasant sucking impulses in the stomach.

• A temporary decrease in appetite is facilitated by movement. This is especially true for breathing exercises.

• To pleasantly endure the urge of the stomach to drink a cup of herbal tea. For future use will go daisy, motherwort, mint, oregano.

• And another is not a cunning way – millet water. Prepare it is easy. It is necessary to fill the grain with water in relation to one to two and grind it. Get white water, excellent reducing appetite.

And this is not all the ways, there are many of them. The main thing is that there is a desire to lose weight!

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