How to deal with pain in the back?

How to deal with pain in the back?

Each of us at least once in my life encountered pain in the back. And for today almost every third suffers from this symptom. Many are sitting bent in front of the TV screen or computer monitor, hunch and do not follow their posture. We need to fight against this and in this article we will give some advice.

You can, of course, drink some pain medication or go for a massage or simply show yourself to the doctor vertebroneurologist in St. Petersburg. But in this case, the absence of pain will be a temporary result. And we need forever.

1. Get up often from a chair. Even if you have a sedentary job, take small breaks for 5 minutes. If you are so passionate about work that you forget about it, put a signal on your phone that will remind you regularly.

2. When talking on the phone unnecessarily to sit, it is better to walk. You can use the set of “free hand”, then you will not need to press the phone with your shoulder to your ear, if your hands are urgently needed. When walking, watch your posture.

3. When watching TV, remove the remote control to switch channels to stand up. On advertising, you can go to the kitchen and drink water, wash 1-2 plates, wipe the dust, anything, it will be useful to your back and many things will remake.

4. Do the exercise “stand against the wall.” It helps to form a correct posture. For this, stand with your back to the wall, the crown, shoulders, buttocks, calves and heels should touch it. Try to stand there for 5 minutes. If it is very hard, then the back muscles are rather weak. Do this exercise daily and a good result will be seen in a week.

5. Do not avoid exercise. There are many techniques for strengthening the muscles of the back and the most effective is the “boat”.

Engage in stretching the spine, sometimes back pain occurs due to stagnation of the vertebrae and muscles, starting to engage in easy gymnastics, the pain will begin to decrease immediately.

Watch your posture, do not sit long in one position, walk more and stretch the muscles of the spine.

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