How to cope with stress

How to cope with stress

Sometimes it starts to seem to me that everyone I know is stressed. We all rush around – have time to do the job, find the money for the rent – and wake up in the middle of the night with horror with hair standing on end. I think that you, too, are experiencing some stress.

Work, friends, love or her search, finances, the situation in the world – anxiety about such things develops into a high level of stress. If you do not find any effective method of dealing with stress, we are gone. Suffice it to say that, according to recent research, 90% of diseases are associated with stress. An impressive figure, you must agree.

I call stress the root of (almost) all evils, because it depletes the immune system and literally causes illness. And our reaction to stress can hurt us even more – alcoholism, drug use, smoking, poor attitude to yourself and others. It is impossible to completely eliminate stresses, but they can be minimized and learn how to find positive solutions. (Hint: quarrel with a neighbor in the hostel or punch a hole in the living room wall – NON-POSITIVE decisions.)

Every day, allocate time that belongs only to you. It is not necessary to go for a massage, but take the time to just sit and think, meditate, read a magazine, make yourself a pedicure or take a walk in the park. You must understand that the world in which we live, constantly loads our brain, and you need a way to get rid of stress, as physical education is a way to get rid of excess calories. Yes, you can lie on the couch and watch TV, this is also suitable.

If you really do not see for yourself an exit from chronic stress, have ceased to listen to arguments of reason or think over self-harm, immediately address to the professional. Do you understand? You call the doctor at a high temperature (right?), And so, excessive stress is no less harmful.

How to feel better: ways to instantly relieve stress

Breathe slowly utebuko. Fully concentrate on breathing and do not think about anything else.

♦ Go to tea or lunch with a friend with whom you calm down.

♦ My girlfriend recommends a monotonous exercise that does not require reflection – embroider, cut vegetables, clean the bathroom or wash dishes.

♦ Talk to family members or friends about what you are doing.

♦ Write about this in a diary, blog or send an email to the best girlfriend.

♦ Go for a walk – at least just around the block.

♦ Take a warm bath.

♦ Eat something useful, like a tomato or a handful of almonds.

♦ Repeat the soothing phrase or mantra over and over again, aloud or to yourself. Many years ago, someone advised me a good mantra: “Less, less, less.” Since then, I invariably use it. It reminds us that work, problems and unpleasant actions must be broken into small pieces that can be really coped with. With very strong stress, I had to force myself to wear socks, brush my teeth and go beyond the threshold to meet unpleasant things with the help of “less, less”. The method may seem frivolous, but for me it works.

Remember that this will also pass. You have experienced stresses before – survive this one. You can cope with any stress, if you yourself believe it!

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