How to conquer the guy of your dreams: 12 tips

How to conquer the guy of your dreams: 12 tips

What to do if you are not paying attention to someone who you like? After all, there is nothing more offensive and insulting to the girl than the object of adoration, showing complete indifference and neutrality. The article describes 12 rules for the successful conquest of the male heart.

How does the guy like it? How to draw his attention to himself? This exciting list of questions is increasingly asking themselves girls. What is needed to do this? For this there is a small list of tips that will help to become more attractive to the guy you like.

First you need to understand why he does not pay you due attention? Perhaps you look like his ex-girlfriend, who brought him a lot of problems or does he have the wrong orientation? No? So, halfway through, and you can move on.

12 rules for successful conquest

Council first. Identified with public places, which are frequent objects for his visit. Try to stay there often enough, and come there earlier than he does. Try to be in the company of beautiful and attractive guys: these can be your good friends, friends and even relatives. It is necessary to conduct with them an informal, cheerful conversation, but no more. Of course, you should pretend that you are not interested in it, and practically do not pay attention to it.

The second council. Try to collect as much information as possible about it, for example: which girls do they like? With whom does he communicate? What are his tastes and preferences? All this is a precious treasure for you and may well come in handy.

The third advice. Do not dress too provocatively, not all guys like it.

Council number four. A guy should not have the thought that you are with someone in a relationship.

The council is the fifth. Show yourself, laugh, joke, but do not overdo it, it may look naughty, which is completely undesirable.

Council of the sixth. Ask him about his friends, what he likes, how he behaves in different situations, etc.

The seventh council. After some time spent studying the object, you can proceed to more decisive actions. After all, he, most likely, has already noticed you for a long time.

Council of the eighth. Try to turn various tricks: drop a handkerchief or stumble upon it, passing by.

The council is the ninth. After that, whether affable, smile, spoke. In general, let me understand that he’s seen you.

The tenth advice. Talk to him on topics interesting to him, dress according to his tastes.

Council eleventh. Expect the response from the guy himself.

Advice twelfth. When he does, tie up a casual conversation, but never laugh at him and then the mission can be considered fulfilled.

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