How to cleanse yourself after the holidays

How to cleanse yourself after the holidays

Spring itself is a rather difficult test for the body – the fatigue accumulated over the winter, lack of sunlight and vitamin deficiency undermine our strength. And then there is a whole “marathon” of the May holidays with unchanged shish kebabs (along with many other snacks) and abundant libations. And in the breaks between picnics, of course, we fall asleep, we lie down, we relax “in reserve”. On the work between May Day and Victory Day, we go out like a zombie. And then again picnics-kebabs-feasts-sleep-sleep-sleep ….

But only for some reason this kind of rest does not give a feeling of cheerfulness and freshness, nor a desire to join the work with new strength. On the contrary, lethargy and apathy are intensified. And the appearance leaves much to be desired. Shish kebabs and snacks appear somewhere in the waist area, a noticeable excess fat, an unusual excess of sleep – swelling in the eyes, hair fade, the skin grows ryhleet. And no, literally, no forces re-engage in the daily working rhythm. And it is necessary.

This state of exhaustion after a long rest (be it vacation or prolonged holidays) is usually called a post-holiday syndrome. In addition to the already mentioned phenomena, it is characterized by the inability to focus on solving problems, a lower emotional background, absent-mindedness, drowsiness.

If at such a time does not help your body, then the process of adaptation to a normal lifestyle can stretch almost for a month. But if you know some secrets and do not be too lazy to take advice from connoisseurs, you can put yourself in perfect shape in just a couple of days. Do not believe me? That’s right, do not take a word – try and see for yourself!

Fighting with this nasty syndrome is in three directions: restoring physical health, returning the temporarily lost vigor of spirit and, incidentally, we find a fresh and blooming appearance.

So, we start with the main direction – with health

As one of the great healers said, “we are what we eat.” In this case, this wisdom will be very useful. After all, on the one hand, we observe the oversaturation of the body with fatty and heavy food, and sometimes alcohol (just the result of the festive feast), and on the other – a lack of vitamins (not yet past the result of a long winter).

Conclusion – we limit the use of excessive high-calorie food and lean on vitamins. However, it should be remembered that an abrupt transition from a too abundant table to a meager and limited diet (for example, a diet) is unacceptable. This will cause even greater harm to the body. The transition must be smooth. And the released three days for which we are going to adapt, just enough for this smoothness.

First of all, we refuse the most fatty, heavy and high-calorie foods, which are especially difficult to digest by the body. Meat is replaced with fish, cakes – fruits, butter – vegetable, etc. We also try to use less sugar, salt and spices. But here all kinds of yogurts, kefir and similar products you can eat as much as you like. For garnish, it is better to cook buckwheat porridge or rice. And from pasta and fried potatoes for a while should be abandoned.

In addition to the quality of food, we do not forget about its quantity. Slowly reduce it. It’s on holidays you can afford some gluttony, because it’s delicious, you have to try everything and you can not resist. And now it’s time for reason to prevail over feelings and remember that food is needed only to satisfy hunger. If there is no feeling of hunger, please leave your table and not throw out your fantasy with dreams about something delicious.

Now about vitamins

Fresh fruits, vegetables or juices – this is exactly what you need now. Carrots or carrot juice will restore elasticity to the skin and shine to the hair. Salad from fresh or baked beets, as well as beet juice, normalize the pressure and restore the work of tired liver. Citrus juices will cheer up no worse than coffee, and drive away apathy. But keep in mind that such life-giving properties are only freshly squeezed juices, and not store, with a huge amount of sugar, preservatives and other chemicals.

It is also very useful to drink vitamin and herbal extracts. The easiest way to buy ready-made phyto-tea, which is always in any pharmacy. For cleansing the body, karkade teas based on hibiscus flowers are especially good. To remove fatigue and strengthen the nerves, tea with rose hips is perfect. A coffee and black tea is better for some time to replace green tea – he gives courage and helps to get rid of excess fat.

What else can help cool off, cheer up, but at the same time improve skin tone?

Well, of course, the old kind Russian bathhouse. She also cures the hangover, if any. So in one of the days allocated for the restoration of the body, do not neglect this proven means. But only without alcohol. Herbal tea, juice, compote, kvass.

Women to restore the elasticity of the skin can also be advised cosmetic clay. On a well-steamed and cleansed skin, wrapping with clay is wonderful. The color of the clay should be selected according to the type of skin.

Well, to restore mental balance, it is very good to apply aromatherapy. Different flavors have different actions: some are cheerful, others calm, others raise the mood. Choose the fragrance that you need to successfully overcome the post-holiday syndrome. If you do not have a special aroma lamp, you can make a sachet by adding a few drops of aromatic oil to its filler and hanging it in your room.

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