How to clean the stomach after delivery: 20 tips

How to clean the stomach after delivery: 20 tips

Problems with the figure appear in every woman who gave birth to a child. Just some quickly cope with them, but for others, the struggle for a beautiful figure can last for years. How quickly to remove the postpartum abdomen? Consider 20 tips.

1. In the first weeks after childbirth it is necessary to use a special bandage, which will help the muscles to restore the former tone. But, do not wear it for more than one month, as this will result in the muscles weakening.

2. To begin work on the tone of the muscles after the birth of a child is possible only after the end of bleeding and the first visit to the gynecologist, as this is dangerous for your health.

3. Proper nutrition is the only acceptable type of diet in the postpartum period. Therefore, choose a full and varied diet, as well as eat in small quantities, after 3 hours.

4. Take a multivitamin – they will help you speed up the metabolic processes, and therefore, activate fat burning.

5. From the first days after the birth, try to perform light exercises to restore the muscles – get up straight, breathe deeply and at the same time alternately draw and relax the stomach.

6. A week after the birth, you can begin to perform just an exercise to restore the abdominal muscles and eliminate adipose tissue. Standing straight, just slant forward, touching the toes with your fingers. Such an exercise will also be useful for the health of the pelvic organs, which need postnatal recovery.

7. Try to enrich your diet with foods rich in fiber. Raw vegetables and fruits, cereals are the best sources of fiber, as well as various vitamins and trace elements.

8. Try to drink as much water as possible, not replacing it with tea or milk. Clean water, without gas, accelerates the process of burning fat tissue in the abdomen.

9. You can effectively cope with fat tissue in the abdomen with a simple wrapping procedure. Follow the wrapping procedure with fruit vinegar. You can start it only after the completion of postpartum hemorrhage.

10. Drink white tea – it helps to accelerate the burning of adipose tissue, and contains a kind of caffeine that does not harm your baby, getting into his body along with breast milk.

11. Do not limit yourself to food – it will lead to the fact that your body will reduce the rate of fat burning processes.

12. If the state of health allows you – start the exercises with a gymnastic hoop, or ring hula-hoop. Just 15 minutes of training every day, and after a month your figure will be the same as before pregnancy. Provided of course the right nutrition.

13. Six months later, you can enter into your diet grapefruit – it helps quickly burn fatty tissue. But, if you do not feed the baby with breast milk, then you can start using it immediately after childbirth.

14. Equally effective fruit, which enhances the effect of losing weight, is kiwi. But, he is also the strongest allergen, so his introduction to the diet of a nursing mother is not recommended.

15. To strengthen flabby abdominal muscles after pregnancy, you can use a simple exercise – a bar. In order to restore the waist, use the side bar.

16. A prerequisite for the successful burning of subcutaneous fat is the availability of daily cardio loads. Given that many young mothers can not afford morning runs, you can try home exercises – jumping rope and without it, active attacks, or vigorous dances. Choose to your taste.

17. The problem of losing weight in the abdominal area is also often associated with loss of skin elasticity in this part of the body. You can restore the skin with a daily pilling and massage. Perform massage using oil, with the addition of pepper tincture (sold at the pharmacy).

18. Many mothers were able to lose weight and regain the old figure due to the fact that they transplanted their baby into a sling or a kangaroo backpack, and made long walks in the fresh air. It has a double benefit – your baby will feel more relaxed, hugging you, and you will lose weight due to the extra workload.

19. Weight loss in the abdomen requires cleansing of the intestines – this can be done with the usual soda enema. Do not get carried away by this procedure, as in case of frequent use, it disrupts the natural microflora of the intestine.

20. Beware of stress – in the post-natal period, they have a detrimental effect on the figure of a woman and do not allow him to cope with the task of restoring it. Therefore, find the best way to calm you, which will help to relax, relieve tension and calm anxiety.

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