How to choose a glucometer

How to choose a glucometer

Glucometer is a device necessary for every person suffering from diabetes mellitus. Using it, you can measure blood sugar levels without visiting the hospital and conducting a medical examination. It is very important to choose the model of the glucometer that is best suited for a diabetic patient.

For this you need to pay attention to several criteria:

• Measurement accuracy. The more accurate the parameters, the better, because sometimes well-being depends on a few units;

• easy operation. The device will need to be used not only at home, but also at work, on a trip, on a sortie, so its use should be as simple as possible;

• display information on the screen: the size of the digits, the presence of the function of sound announcement of the results and so on.

Often glucometers are equipped with additional functions. Their presence makes operation more convenient, but it should be borne in mind that every extra option causes a rise in price of the device.

The most common are the following functions:

• memory of a certain number of recent measurements;

• a sound signal that draws attention to the possibility of hypoglycemia;

• the ability to transfer research data to a computer, so as to track the dynamics of treatment with the help of a schedule;

• voice announcement of the results. The function is useful for people who have poor eyesight;

• the ability to obtain data on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

For the elderly, the best-suited models are the simplest to operate with the function of voice announcement of the results of the study.

In addition to the very model of the meter, special attention should be given to test strips, their price, prevalence in pharmacies. The most expensive purchase is not the glucometer itself, which you will only need to pay for once, and test strips that are consumables.

The most important thing in choosing a glucometer is the accuracy of the measurement. Treatment will be ineffective if the machine displays incorrect indicators. This is why the accuracy of the totals is much more important than all the additional functions. You can check with the help of laboratory tests, having passed the blood test for sugar, and with the help of the device itself. To do this, you need to do the analysis three times in a row. The error can not be more than 10%.

The site presents a large selection of glucometers from different manufacturers and with different technical characteristics, so everyone will be able to find the most acceptable option for him.

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