How to calculate days with ovulation

How to calculate days with ovulation

The female organism is a well-coordinated mechanism, where genetics establishes a certain schedule for growing up, maturing and full preparation for procreation. It is in this and is the main reason prescribed by nature for every woman. The most optimal days for conception of a child fall on days that gynecologists refer to as ovulation.

There are whole sections in gynecology, which are devoted to calculations and calendars, on which it is possible to determine ovulation. A mature egg prepared by female hormones leaves the fallopian tube, and it is during these few days that the female organism is as close as possible to fertilization.

Ovulation is in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and you can calculate it by the calendar or by using special tests. But the most famous and popular way is to measure the temperature in the rectum, necessarily in the mornings until a full awakening, and preferably at the same time, on the days of ovulation, the thermometer will show a few degrees more.

Adult women who have an active sex life and have experience of pregnancy and childbirth are able to determine the days of ovulation, even by physiological indicators, such as characteristic pains in the lower abdomen, transparent, mucous discharge from the vagina and excessive sexual activity. Knowing your schedule of ovulation, you can plan your own pregnancy and the further birth of children.

Women’s communities in social networks and on the Internet are very popular, because they can learn a lot of interesting things, how to clean rust from the frying pan, where to buy boots and even how to calculate the days with ovulation

Not every woman is ready to discuss sensitive issues, even with close friends, for example, if you can not get pregnant, and other girlfriends have already become mothers. That’s why it’s so great that there are Internet and professional websites where you can not only learn a lot of new things and understand that you are doing wrong, but also find like-minded people with whom you can talk heart to heart and seek advice.

Having joined the team of gynecologists, endocrinologists, mammologists – you can always get the necessary information about what ovulation is, how to determine it, how to make a calendar and other women’s topics correctly.

The information obtained will not allow you to miss your chance to become pregnant or miss dangerous symptoms, overlook the emerging disease. And in general, to know about your body as much as possible no one else has hurt.

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