How to buy and keep an attractive figure

How to buy and keep an attractive figure

Women always treat their appearance with a certain severity. Many have already accumulated colossal experience in acquiring a worthy figure, others are interested, but do not consider the opportunity to look slimmer. Whatever category of women you would not be, there is always a desire to find a happy combination of a delightful body.

A list of practical and simple tips for maintaining harmony is led by nutrition and one must be treated with utmost care. Food and harmony are compatible only when you do not refuse to eat, but eat the right foods. Salt, sugar, fast food, sweet fizzy drinks in the list of harmful products are the first, but how to force them out of their diet.

To begin with, you need to set the power mode, it should be stable, four-time, rolling from day to day.

As an adjustment to physiological processes, start drinking at least two liters a day, 15 minutes before meals and 50 minutes after. Water accelerates blood circulation, enriches the body with nutrients, is the simplest source of toxin removal. No other drink will do you such good. Next, you should fill the food basket, it should contain products with a low glycemic index.

In choosing vegetables, try to adhere to seasonality. Preference in fish, should be given to low-fat varieties, this is the fish that is not deep-sea, specifically bream, pike-perch, hake, cod, perch. Meat dishes are recommended to cook from dietary meat, namely turkey, chicken breast and veal or beef fillet. Low-fat dairy products are an excellent alternative to a mid-morning snack, and a handful of nuts will not allow you to get out of the diet when you are busy.

Pay special attention to the combination of products, and you will discover many new recipes. For those who are interested in calculating their menu in grams and calories, they can easily use food calculators in a variety of mobile applications. This list of tips will allow you to organize yourself and support the digestion.

The second place is occupied by physical activity. Now fitness is diverse, your task is to strengthen the main muscle groups of the hands, legs, stomach, back, buttocks and chest. To work on your body does not turn into hard work, make a mix of high and low intensity training. There is no possibility to attend fitness clubs, combine sports and leisure, which means that you can meet with friends on a skating rink or on a volleyball court. Doing sports not only increases stamina, normalizes sleep, but also eliminates stress.

Proper nutrition and exercise will not give the expected effect without the last element of a happy combination is your emotional and emotional state. Strive for harmony within yourself. Watch yourself. Determine what hinders you in achieving your goal. Awareness of yourself will lead you to action. Replace, displace bad habits. Be sincere and smiling.

Following these simple tips, you will keep your peace of mind, will be adorable both inside and out.

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