How to borrow money to be returned?

How to borrow money to be returned?

People say: you want to lose a friend, borrow him money. And what if in a difficult financial situation was your fashion person, colleague at work or, in general, the boss? The golden rule of financial relations is: lend exactly the amount with which it is not a shame to part for ever. But do not forget that they are borrowed, mainly from 1000 rubles. There is never any guarantee that money will return to you, but you can insure yourself.

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– If your loved one asks to lend him money to start a business, do not be shy and ask him to register your share in it. In the end, you have the right – who knows, do not borrow him a certain amount of money, the business would not have taken place.

“Even if you are 100% sure of your favorite person, it’s better to formalize the deal.”

– The exception is small amounts up to 1000 rubles. If you have a serious relationship, then for so little money you can not worry.


– If a friend asks to lend her money in connection with the dismissal, try to help in another way. Help to compose and send out a resume. Find out about free vacancies at your place of work.

– Clearly limit the terms of the loan and let know that the money must be returned at the appointed time.

– Do not be shy to remind me of duty, if all the terms have come out for a long time, and the girlfriend behaves as if she owes nothing.

A colleague

– Do not borrow large amounts of money from colleagues.

– If a colleague delays with the return of the debt, do not hesitate to remind him about it, especially if you communicate in an informal atmosphere.

– If you receive a salary, you need to return at least part of the debt.


– In general, of course, it is strange, if the manager takes money from his subordinates, but the situation is different. If this is an amount with a certain number of zeros, be sure to enter into a loan agreement or, at the very least, ask the authorities to draw up a promissory note.

– In case of no return within the due dates, tactfully remind the boss of the debt. If he goes backward, say that he would not want to spoil the working relationship, but in that case, you will have to go to court.


– Be prepared for the fact that, most likely, you will not see the money for a long time. Perhaps, even never.

– If you are not ready to give your relatives some money, clearly indicate the time of return.

“Otherwise, if they are close relatives, for example, parents, demand money from them, at least, low. In the end, they also invested a lot in you.

But, what if a loan is demanded by a notorious miser who never repays debts on time, and even worse, never?

– In this case, on your part, an unequivocal refusal should be followed without explaining the reasons. This is your money and you do not have to give it to someone.

“To be honest, you can not, for whatever reason, agree that you literally took a large sum of money to your cousin yesterday and you’ll soon be left alone.”

– Simply motivate the refusal by the fact that you do not have cash, most of it you put in the bank account and you can not cash out, because you have a long-term financial investment. The exception in this case is only the death or serious illness of someone from the borrower’s family.

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