How to behave on the first date? 10 rules for girls

How to behave on the first date? 10 rules for girls

So, you will soon have a first date. What should I do at the first meeting? How to behave? How to interest and not overdo it? Follow the tips below and the first date will be unforgettable.

1. Decide what exactly you expect from this person – spend a pleasant evening, a stormy night or build a serious relationship? Be careful in your desires, because everything can still change.

2. A place for a meeting choose cozy and not pathos. The choice of a place for a date can tell a person better than any words. In any case, choose something where you will be pleasant and comfortable.

3. The first meeting is designed to get to know each other better. It is important not only to talk, but also to listen to the interlocutor. Show that the future partner is interesting to you, ask questions about his favorite activities, work, friends, plans for the future. But do not overdo it – a person should not feel like being interrogated.

4. No talk about the former guys. This is taboo! Change the subject or answer with a joke if the guy asks about it. Make it clear that past relationships for you are just memories. Stop looking into the past, you have a beautiful future ahead of you.

5. Are you afraid to get excited and spoil everything? Imagine yourself in the role of the main character of a movie. Perceive a date as a plot from a romantic comedy. Try to just have fun.

6. Do you think that this person does not suit you and want to cancel the date? Do not step back. A guy can be a real prince from your dreams, just you did not have time to consider it. Perfect people do not exist, but perhaps he is exactly the person you need.

7. Do not be afraid to take the initiative. Men really really love, when a girl takes the first step in something – it shows her interest.

8. On the first date it’s always better to put on a dress. This fully reveals your femininity and creates a romantic image.

9. After dinner, offer to pay half of the bill. This will show the man that you are an independent and proud girl and do not plan to “pull” money out of him. But if the guy insists, let him treat himself. Remember: you do not need to feel obligated.

10. The most, perhaps, important advice – relax. Your joy of meeting and good mood will be contagious and you will have a great time.

If romantic feelings do not break out between you, you will have a pleasant time and experience for the future first dates, which is also very important.

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