How to become young and desired in one night?

How to become young and desired in one night?

Would you like to look younger in just one night? It turns out that this is not so difficult. Follow the 12 tips given in this article and you can not only look younger, but also become even more desirable.

12 tips on how to look younger overnight

In the afternoon it is necessary to drink only clean water, at least two liters. Stop drinking water 2 hours before bedtime.

Supper should be easy. For dinner, you can eat vegetables, light dairy products. On the salty, spicy and fatty foods for a time to forget. To drink coffee should not, it is better to drink a glass of yogurt.

Before you go to bed, you should clean your face with cream and scrub, moisturize your face with a tonic and moisturizer. Do not forget about the neck and décolleté zone, which are the first to give out your age. Decollete area and neck should be greased with a fat cream.

Skin hands should be cleaned with a scrub and lubricate with cream. Then wear plain gloves. For the legs, you can make a relaxing bath, lubricate your feet with cream and put on socks.

To the morning hair looked well-groomed and shone, from the evening they must be oiled with burdock oil, which is always at hand. You can mix it with yolk or use other means recommended for hair care. The agent should be applied to the hair and put on a hat.

It’s good to make yourself a massage. Massage your head, shoulders, hands, belly, legs. Remember that you have a massager, use it.

Do not stir yourself up before going to bed, especially watching horror movies and shooters. It’s better just to lie in bed and remember 5 pleasant moments of the day. In the afternoon you ate a delicious candy – this is one pleasant moment. This sweet you treated a handsome young man – already two or even three pleasant moments. Looking through the mind and counting the pleasant moments, you can easily fall asleep.

You need a good night’s sleep. Sleep should be at least eight hours. To sleep was useful, it is necessary to lie down to 24 hours.

If there is no air humidifier in the house, you can put a jar of water on the battery so that your skin absorbs water and is moisturized. We must sleep with an open window, sleep will be stronger.

Do not sleep on high pillows. To sleep it is necessary on a back that the second chin did not form. If you sleep on your stomach, from the pillow on your face will remain furrows, if on the side – the skin of the face will hang.

In the morning it is good to take a contrast shower. Get up a little early, but the effect will be stunning.

Before you leave the house, smile. Overnight you became young and even more desirable. Give a good mood to yourself and others around the day.

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