How to adjust yourself to the performance of the desired

How to adjust yourself to the performance of the desired

To make the desired into the real is the art of systemic thinking. Initially, to fulfill the desired, it is necessary to determine what is valuable to a person and what is a need for him. This is necessary because people tend to engage in some kind of self-deception.

For example, those people who constantly complain about a lack of rest, because all the time they devote to work. But does such a person really want to relax, rather, on the contrary, he wants to be necessary-that’s what he gets.

In the case of several desires, the one that is stronger comes true. On the same example, the desire to be in demand eradicates the desire to rest. It is necessary only to really wish for a holiday and such an opportunity will certainly appear, and from this opportunity was not expected at all.

From this, you can also take some advice, do not close the path for yourself, because often they are exactly what they want to achieve.

The second example, someone wants to travel the world. Often such a desire leads to the idea that if you work hard and hard, you can pay for a long-awaited journey. But this is only one option to achieve the cherished. Therefore, you need to learn to learn correctly.

Using only one option, a person rather as a desire to raise money and not the journey itself. Maybe you should look for other ways? After all, there are a lot of business trips, special training programs and work abroad, at the very least, the trip can simply turn out to be a gift from someone close or friends will give. In other words, a person eager to go somewhere for the money earned, puts the block on his desire, Because it will be just as he wants.

The main thing that you need to do to realize any dream, to begin to analyze it.

To begin with, you need to prepare yourself. It will help to analyze all the good that has happened recently. Strain the memory and remember when it was enough to think “I want” and it appeared. With this method, a person tunes himself to the perception of good in real time. In fact, it is very important to understand that fate gives gifts and everything is possible that all this is normal and correct. For example, a person was late for work, but his bus arrived earlier usually and he did well, someone thought about the old friend and later he unexpectedly appeared and stuff …

The main thing is to look at the world from a positive point of view. After all, if all the time something to fear, then this is exactly what will happen. If you want something good is stronger, then fears will go to the background and only good will come true.

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