How to achieve success in life?

How to achieve success in life?

Ask the question, how do I see my future? Who do you see yourself? A web designer, writer, businessman or whatever? How can one do this in order to achieve this? The universe will not do the work for you. Even if you write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, place it in a glass of champagne and drink the chimes to the battle, alas, nothing will come of it.

Do you already have a serious goal that you plan to achieve in less than a year? We believe that you repeatedly set long-term goals and most often they did not work.

If you want to change life, start working in this direction daily. Attempts to do something every other day, weekly, monthly, often do not lead to results. Only daily activities work. Refusal of everyday actions confirms the fact that in general, you do not want to change anything. You just savor the desire to start dancing, to do programming, to increase the speed of reading.

Stop dreaming and start acting!

Want to know how to do this?

Only through daily efforts can we go from words to deeds. For clarity, here is an example of some common goals:

• Lose weight.

• Become a writer.

• Start traveling.

• Learn a foreign language.

• Read more.

• Start controlling costs.

Now let’s figure out how to achieve the above goals with the help of one principle.

Think in detail about the actions that need to be taken every day to get closer to these desires. This is a fairly complex process, for example:

Lose weight. Take the rule to walk every day for 15 minutes, and each time increase the duration of walks by 5 minutes. When their duration is about 35-45 minutes a day, add new daily changes, for example, use plain water instead of soda.

Become a writer. Every day, give at least 10 minutes to the letter.

Start traveling. Every day, put some money aside for this purpose. You can gradually sell your things until you save up the right amount and you will have a minimum, which you can throw into your backpack and take it with you.

To learn a foreign language. For 10 minutes a day, listen to the training records. With time, you can increase the learning time. But only when you are ready for this.

Read more. Start by reading before going to bed. When this becomes a habit, add reading in the afternoon or in the morning.

Take control of finances. You can make yourself a habit to eat only at home. Walk more. Reduce your costs. Rent an apartment of a smaller area. Stop dressing in expensive brands.

Do you understand what I’m talking about? Not all of this will suit you. Work on this. Think of the most comfortable way to achieve goals. It is important to do this daily.

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