How to accelerate your metabolism?

How to accelerate your metabolism?

Almost every person has a period when he thinks about his appearance. Someone runs to the salon and changes color or shape to his hairstyle, someone completely updates the wardrobe. The most desperate people run to make plastic, but the bulk will decide that it’s time to lose weight.

Usually such thoughts are visited on the eve of a holiday, a birthday or in the spring, before the summer season. This means that there is very little time left, and you want to throw off a lot. Then you panic, you are ready to go on any diet, that’s just to throw off those terrible pounds. Fortunately, for you now on the Internet a lot of different “diets”, which promise you a stunning result, literally for one or two weeks.

Due to inexperience, many people cheat on beautiful headlines and as a result, undermine their health. For the time that you will torture your body, you, of course, will lose a certain amount of extra pounds. Just do not need to rejoice, it’s gone extra fluid. Once you start eating again, as always, the weight will come back. In the worst case scenario, he will return with “friends.” At the same time, you can again try this kind of torture and here it can happen a very unpleasant effect when the weight will stand still. Since you initially lose weight incorrectly, this will definitely lead to a slowing of metabolism.

What is the metabolism?

Firstly, it is a chemical process in our body, with the help of it we transform into energy the digested food. And it is on this factor that the amount of food that we can eat and not get better depends.

There are very lucky people who have a fairly fast metabolism. They can eat everything and always and at the same time have a lean physique. But most people metabolism is a bit slow. And if such a person leads a low-activity lifestyle and consumes harmful food – this sooner or later leads to fatness.

But do not be upset and down, there is always a way out. And the solution to the problem is very simple.

In order to “disperse” the metabolism, which will contribute to weight loss, it is worth following such rules:

1. You must change your diet. Refuse all harmful food, try to eat boiled, stewed or steamed food. Eat as much as possible vegetables, fiber is very useful. Carbohydrates are suitable as cereals or fruits. Do not forget about the protein. It can be taken from meat, give preference to chicken breast, rabbit or turkey. In addition to meat, fish is ideal, but here it is worth taking low-fat varieties, for example pollock, hake, cod.

2. Try to eat by the hour – every two hours, in portions of 200 grams. You need to start with a hearty breakfast, then – snack, after – lunch, where proteins and carbohydrates should be present. After – again snack. Dinner should be at about 6 pm. Give an advantage to the proteins. It will be good to have dinner with boiled breast or a portion of cottage cheese. After dinner, there is another snack. If you lie down too late, you can drink yogurt or eat curds 20 minutes before bedtime.

3. After having dealt with the food, it is necessary to establish the so-called water regime. In a day you should drink up to three liters of water. Try to build your own water intake schedule. But keep in mind that most of it should be consumed before lunch, so that there is no puffiness in the morning.

4. Add sports to your life. This should be aerobic and power loads.

5. Sleep. You are required to sleep at least 6 hours, ideally all 8 hours.

If you follow these rules, then after the first month of correct life, you will notice a significant change in your appearance. Thus, you will not only be able to pull up your figure and remove unnecessary folds, but also to improve your internal organs, hair, nails and skin. And if you want to speed up the effect a little, then add massage, wrapping, masks and similar cosmetic procedures to everything stated.

Our metabolism is very moody, so try to treat it carefully, do not spoil it. Love yourself, then the whole body will say thank you to you, which means that your appearance will be on top, shine with beauty and health.

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