How to accelerate metabolism? Small tricks for rapid metabolism

Do you think that as soon as you persistently try to lose weight, go on a diet or spend a lot of time following the exercises, you will immediately start to lose weight? Not necessarily. Very often all these efforts simply do not have a visible effect. Why? The answer is either you slowed your metabolism, or you have bad habits.

Effective techniques to accelerate metabolism and make your body burn excess weight.

Here are some tricks for more rapid metabolism:

1. First, the basic rule of life and healthy eating and, accordingly, weight loss is – do not skip breakfast. Get used to breakfast at home, within no more than an hour after awakening. This will help you to awaken your metabolism, to be filled with energy and to avoid harmful snacks and visits to the confectionery departments and fast food. Breakfast should consist of protein, which will keep you satisfied for a long time, complex carbohydrates or cottage cheese, fruit and a spoon of honey, etc. Coffee, in addition to what you wake up, has a stimulating effect on metabolism and speeds up your pulse , And breathing. Of course, too much of it is detrimental to the body. Water is always recommended to drink during the day, because it cleanses the body, helps in hydration, gets rid of toxins and burns calories effectively.

2. Secondly, let the dinner consist of protein, you do not have to eat any high-calorie snacks. You can eat chicken, fish and a couple of slices of cheese and drink green tea, which helps in burning calories, or a cup of sour, but not on a fat broth of soup, such as beans.

3. In the store, refrain from buying unhealthy snacks and foods and try to buy organic products. Buy and actively use various spices, hot peppers, chili peppers, which you can combine them in a diet pizza sauce with tomatoes and low-fat cheese, or as an additive to tomato paste for salads. Buy any leafy vegetables, beans, broccoli, carrots, fruits and nuts, dried fruits. Let you always have a chicken fillet or fish in stock.

4. Physical exercises should be carried out not only on the most problematic group of muscles, but also strengthen the entire body, working through all the muscles, at least little by little. Combine aerobic exercise and power. It is not necessary to work exclusively in the gym, talk with the trainer, what exercises are right for you.

5. Often cook fish in any form, except fried in oil, especially varieties rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they effectively help keep the brain and nervous system healthy, besides the fish is rich in vitamin D, which keeps muscle tissue and A metabolism in a good tone.

6. 8 hours a day sleep will positively influence the maintenance of the normally necessary levels of the hormone leptin and ghrelin (responsible for regulating appetite and energy distribution), and simultaneously work on metabolism, bringing it back to normal and speeding up the metabolism.

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