How the liver signals its problems

How the liver signals its problems

The undeniable truth is that the liver in the body is a real chemical laboratory that carries out a huge number of functions. This is such a nurse who filters, tears and cleanses the human body. This organ is a true hard worker who does not stop for a second.

If it works correctly, we are not afraid of any disease, pest, infection. But if you just break your liver and your body will be poisoned by various toxins. According to experts, this body should be monitored as carefully as possible, and early diagnosis to identify problems is simply vital. Assistant in monitoring the condition of the liver in humans is the skin. It instantly signals a malfunction in the operation of the main filter. Therefore, each independently has the ability to monitor the state of his “loyal comrade”.

Due to its authority, the liver is resistant to all harmful organisms and can give them a strong rebuff. It also has a unique opportunity to self-install. But there are a number of factors that resist regeneration and slowly kill this organ. Unfortunately, it is the man himself who, by his actions, destroys the one who serves his health.

In the first place are bad habits. Alcohol destroys liver cells, causing a severe disease of cirrhosis. Also, the uncontrolled use of pharmacy medications has a very negative effect on the work of the body. Working with household chemicals poison the body with toxins. A body contaminated with parasites will eventually lead to pathological processes in the liver.

The skin of a man first signals about the initial problems in the work of the body. Discomfort and itching, acne, as well as color with an obvious yellowness – the first beacons. The rather unpleasant and sharp smell of perspiration, which eventually has a tendency to increase – points directly to the problem. The state of the liver can determine the condition of the liver. Cracks, abundant plaque and bitter aftertaste will make you think about going to the doctor.

Signaling about their problems, the liver can hurt. The nature of the pain depends on the degree of damage. Inflammatory sluggish process will be accompanied by a slight aching and uncomfortable pain. Purulent process will constantly remind of the right side of the hypochondrium, but acute needle pain indicates problems with the gall bladder.

When the liver is sick, the skin must be peeled off, systematically swollen, poured out with various hives, pustules and allergic manifestations. Any local eruption is accompanied by uncomfortable irritation and itching.

If such a skin manifestation persistently signals a person, experts recommend that they definitely go to medical institutions and take the necessary tests, check if alanine aminotransferase is increased and conduct a full diagnosis of this body. After all, without the qualitative work of our faithful helper, life is practically impossible.

Depending on the results of the tests, the doctor will prescribe the treatment. In no case do not self-medicate or cure for advice from the Internet. Only the specialist will select the individual treatment for your specific case.

Be healthy and take care of your health!


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