How should I eat during pregnancy?

How should I eat during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a happy time in a woman’s life. With the onset of this period, the rules of behavior, diet and lifestyle should certainly change. One of the main points of a good development of pregnancy is a balanced diet. When forming a diet, it is worth calculating the age, gestation period and the weight of the expectant mother. The main factor in this list is the term, because the growth and development of the baby is uneven. The fastest growth of the fetus is considered the second and partly the third gestation period. It is necessary to disassemble in detail the rules for compiling a diet for periods.

Meal in the first stage of bearing.

The first trimester is the initial stage lasting up to twenty weeks. At once it is worth dispelling the myth that a woman should start eating “for two”, as relatives and friends recommend. Often during this period, the future mommy increases her diet and increases the calorie content of food. Because of this, there is a large risk of obesity, since all the excess calories turn into extra pounds. It is at this time, food should be ordinary. You can consume products with low heat treatment, less spicy, roasted, fatty and smoked. Recommended sour-milk products, lean meat and fish. Also worth knowing about vitamins for pregnant women in terms of trimesters.

Nutrition in the second and third stages of pregnancy.

In this period, after twenty-two weeks of pregnancy, the baby is growing most and the need for “building” material is increasing. The lack of sufficient vitaminized and protein amount leads to the development of osteoporosis of a woman, various kinds of anemia and in especially severe cases to the birth of a premature baby. Therefore, the food should contain trace elements, such as calcium, iodine, iron, compulsory vitamins of group B, A, D, E and C, folic acid. Consumption of fish, sour-milk products, vegetable and fruit dishes, which consist of fiber, is necessary for the growth and proper development of the fetus.

In the third stage, it is recommended to reduce products with high salt content, because this product can lead to states with a fluid retention in the body, which leads to the manifestation of edema. Doctors advise to reduce the use of fast carbohydrates and give preference to so-called “complex” carbohydrates, such as porridges. This is due to the fact that fast carbohydrates contribute to the development of obesity in pregnant women and most importantly increases the level of glucose in the blood, which is dangerous for the development of diabetes maternity. And this in turn can lead to miscarriage of the baby or the development of diabetes in the fetus.

After the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy, the woman’s body is prepared for labor and, therefore, nutrition should take place in small portions, with a high content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It is necessary to maintain and strengthen immunity.

Proper and rational nutrition when bearing is a good guarantee for the successful birth of a healthy baby.

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