How not to overeat during stress?

How not to overeat during stress?

Stressful situations affect people in different ways. Someone mobilizes and in all weapons solves difficult tasks, someone falls in the spirit and allows himself to be a victim of circumstances. People with strong-willed character tend to focus on the problem, weaker psychotypes concentrate on grieving themselves and mourning the situation. The latter are prone to “seizing” stress. If a person eats not only when he is hungry, but when he is upset, angry or tired, this inevitably leads to overeating and all the ensuing consequences.

There are people who lose their appetite in stressful situations. This problem quickly disappears as soon as trouble is behind. What can not be said about those who suffer from emotional overeating. The life situation is improving, but the habit of encouraging and encouraging oneself tasty risks to stay for a long time.

This problem is psychological, so it is not very easy to fight with it. If the situation has reached an extreme point, it is better to consult a therapist. But if you just started to notice this pernicious habit behind yourself, you can get rid of it with the help of some tricks.

1. Everyone has his own motivation.

Overeating with stress leads to a set of weight, which in turn upsets a person even more. And what does he do when he is upset? … Correctly, he goes to the refrigerator. It is very important to break this vicious circle. Think up your personal motivation. Someone wants to be a worthy example for their children, someone dreams of a new wardrobe. Hang the motivating photos on the refrigerator, keep them in your purse. Think up your personal system. Set a goal for yourself. Break it into points and sub-points. For each performed task, do not forget to praise yourself. But not food. And more valuable awards.

2. Do not scold yourself

Be critical, but adequate. Avoid all questionable diets. Eat fully. Check how balanced your menu is. If you constantly want a sweet, perhaps the body lacks chromium, which is also found in broccoli and cheese. If you can not resist the chocolate, you may not have enough magnesium, and you need to pay attention to nuts and beans.

Choose 1 day a week, when you can afford your favorite pizza or dessert. And do not doubt that once a week pizza is much more delicious than every day.

3. Switch attention

In case of an acute attack, eat “something” try to go for a walk or for a run, or call a friend. Psychologists have proved that women are often upset because of the inability to express their emotions to someone.

4. Keep a diary

Describe all that you ate, anything you would like to eat. Constantly analyze yourself. You can pour out your emotions on the pages. It gives emotional relief.

5. Do not sit still

Do physical exercises. Find exactly what you like. Many will argue that after exercise, appetite only increases.

But the fact is that physical activities, especially those from which you enjoy, struggle with stress and free the mind from the thoughts that have accumulated over the day.

It is important to listen to your body and try to direct attention to various areas of activity. After all, delicious food and gluttony are just fleeting pleasures that help with stress only for a while. It is necessary to find more effective ways to combat blues.

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